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What things would be best if changed in Halo?

Nothing is better than the basics. This much is true. However, I feel that the games might be a bit better if some things were changed. For instance, Halo 2 could've had an assault rifle (I don't know why they took it out, only to replace it with a seemingly underpowered model in Halo 3). Or, in the Master Chief Collection, they could've revamped the in-game models of 343 Guilty Spark. In Halo CEA, he had a Halo Reach-era monitor body. In Halo 2 Aniversary, a Halo 4-era body. Then, right back to a Halo 3-era body in Halo 3. And the Grunts in Halo 4? Please. I like their masks. A hose in the nose (no rhyme intended) seems a llittle...odd. And the aliens speaking English in three games, only to forget it all in the next? I know Halo 4 is set four years after Halo 3, but I just like the continuity to stick.

But that's enough of my petty complaints (Maybe I'll compile them all in a later post). Meanwhile, I would like to hear the Community's opinion on this. Is there anything you guys/girls would like to see changed in Halo?

Bonus topic: What would people like to see in a Halo Wars 2? Entirely an FPS, as Halo should be? Another RTS? A mix of the two? Speak up!

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