Hello, Halo Nation. This is my first blog entry, so I wanted to make it something at least slightly cool. I have been thinking about this since the day I finished Halo 4. I've refined it since then, and am pleased to present my current ideas for the modes and levels of Halo 5: Guardians! Please enjoy.

1. Prologue: The Master Chief reflects on his last mission and heads with his team on a new one.

Player: None (but the last minute or so is viewed from MC's visor)

2. Overgrown: Blue Team makes its way through an alien jungle to investigate a Forerunner signal.

Player: Master Chief

3. The Refuge: Blue Team splits up to find a way deeper inside the relic.

Player: Kelly

4. Secrets: Forerunner Guardians have awakened, prompting Blue Team into a hasty retreat.

Player: Kelly

5. Cover: Linda provides cover for her teammates to escape, then makes her own.

Player: Linda

6. Recollections: Spartan Locke is assigned to meet with the Arbiter.

Player: Locke

Note: It is here that the prologue seen in Halo 2: Anniversary plays. It follows the opening cutscene, where Admiral Hood assigns Locke to Sangheilios and he, along with other Spartans, depart. The level begins right after the Arbiter lights his sword. I will be writing a walkthrough for this particular level here: , like a demo. Currently, it is still in progress.

This is all I have so far. I will try to write these 'walkthroughs' for the levels I have envisoned so far, and add new levels in a later post. Thanks again for reading!