Everyone is still madder than a thousand hornets at the broken state of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Personally, as one who sucks at multiplayer, I think the four campaigns are perfectly fine. The multiplayer, however, seems to be what's got everyone worked up. First of all, I would like to ask: multiplayer is great; it's an integral part of the Halo experience, but why is everyone so angry about it not working in one place when they have a bunch of other places to play it (all the other single games on the 360)?

That asked, I would like to present a new scenario and question: if the Master Chief Collection was quote, "fixed", unquote, would players prefer all the combined multiplayers in one? Or a multiplayer server dedicated specifically to the MCC, featuring modes and maps NOT built off of the four game engines, deviating from the classical experience we all know? For some, it might be an easy decision, but I would like to know: fixed old multiplayer; or a completely new, strange multiplayer with new everything (well, the gametypes would be the same, it's just the maps and that would be new, only the way multiplayer was built would be different).