Hello, Halo Community. Good to be back, if even briefly. Today, I was viewing some of the old trailers for Halo: Combat Evolved, back when they were using the old Apples to render everything and the game was only 99% as awesome as it is today.

One of those trailers depicts Marines charging into a Covenant-held Forerunner structure and falling into a trap. The Marines retreat, pursued by a red Elite Major. This Elite is about to end the life of a Marine when the Master Chief engages it with an Energy Sword and saves the Marine. The latter asks if Chief will return to base with them, but the Spartan denies it, saying his journey is just getting started.

As awesome as it sounds, it is in the past. My newest wish: to see that trailer in today's Halo style. Wether someone takes the time to build the set in Forge and film it a-la machinima style or 343 gets the wonderful Blur Studios to create a reproduction, with new voice-overs for MC by Steve Downs and the Marines by 343i employees (but leave Covenant sounds the same, just for the sake of some nostalgia).

There you have it. Would anyone like to see some of the old Halo material in today's awesomeness?