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    Everyone is still madder than a thousand hornets at the broken state of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Personally, as one who sucks at multiplayer, I think the four campaigns are perfectly fine. The multiplayer, however, seems to be what's got everyone worked up. First of all, I would like to ask: multiplayer is great; it's an integral part of the Halo experience, but why is everyone so angry about it not working in one place when they have a bunch of other places to play it (all the other single games on the 360)?

    That asked, I would like to present a new scenario and question: if the Master Chief Collection was quote, "fixed", unquote, would players prefer all the combined multiplayers in one? Or a multiplayer server dedicated specifi…

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  • Nova Spartan 038

    As we all know, 343i released All Hail and The Cost, two Halo 5 trailers detailing conflicting stories (differing between a wounded Master Chief and Agent Locke with the other standing over them with pistol in hand), a few months ago. However, what no one has seemed to figure out (as far as I can see) is that the trailers seem to take place on I know this? I have a few bits of evidence.

    First off, on the Halo 5: Guardians page of this wiki, there is a picture of the background of the two trailers, with a large planet and several moons in the background. If you have not seen it, it looks something like this:

    Second, at approximately 12 seconds into Agent Locke's trailer, All Hail, we see two moons in the background: an orange one, and one th…

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  • Nova Spartan 038

    Hello, Halo Community. Good to be back, if even briefly. Today, I was viewing some of the old trailers for Halo: Combat Evolved, back when they were using the old Apples to render everything and the game was only 99% as awesome as it is today.

    One of those trailers depicts Marines charging into a Covenant-held Forerunner structure and falling into a trap. The Marines retreat, pursued by a red Elite Major. This Elite is about to end the life of a Marine when the Master Chief engages it with an Energy Sword and saves the Marine. The latter asks if Chief will return to base with them, but the Spartan denies it, saying his journey is just getting started.

    As awesome as it sounds, it is in the past. My newest wish: to see that trailer in today's …

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    Anyone who plays Halo for more than the multiplayer (yes, that is possible) knows that there are other ways to explore the extremely long and convoluted storyline. One of these ways are the novels written by Eric Nylund, Karen Traviss, and William C. Dietz. Dietz wrote the novel Halo: The Flood, which is an expanded tie-in to Halo Combat Evolved. Nylund covered the Fall of Reach, the events between Halo CE and Halo 2, and even those during the events of Halo 3 that didn't involve the actual Halo 3 storyline.

    That said, Halo 2 and Halo 3 are left out of the spectrum. I want to fix that by writing an equally detailed novella of Halo 2, and maybe later Halo 3. Even novellas of Halo Wars, Reach, ODST, and 4, with Spartan Ops accompanying. Note:…

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  • Nova Spartan 038

    Halo Wars 2 Ideas

    November 29, 2014 by Nova Spartan 038

    On my last blog, I asked you guys what a Halo Wars 2 would be best as: an RTS, an FPS, or both. The answer was a resounding RTS.

    But I find myself still curious. What would Halo Wars be like as an FPS? My queries include how the first would've played out like in first person, and how a second would progress.

    In short, you play as a person rather than a god of cars. Go.

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