Usergroups used to be The Next Big Thing, something cool that everyone knew about, an awsome way to get people to edit more, and have cool userboxes too. Now, almost every usergroup is on the verge of being inactive. To start saving them, you can vote in the Usergroup Elections. That would help tremendously, nothing else can be done if they are inactive.

Next, we need to analyze every usergroups problems. Most of them are basically "We can't really think of anything special to do for our group." We'll start with the UNSCoH.

The UNSCoH, one of the largest to be so inactive, already has a company system. I believe that if we can get some more users interested, the we can reorganize it and get it moving. This will add some purpose to the UoH, then if we give each company a specific goal, we can get people moving. I'm just throwing stuff out really, and I'd love to hear any ideas you guys have.

The CoH somehow incorporates every User group other than the SCoH, so it should have some purpose. I already have an idea for that too, it can be found here.

The AoH can just be a normal user group, a rank restructer maybe, and some articles for improvment need to be advertised, but just getting active would help tons.

The Goh has been dead for a while now, and has no real senior members. It could use some.

The SCoH is the most promising one currently (IMO). There are so many standards to write that can unify the whole system, double up on the editing (as the SCoH edits will help you get promoted in one usergroup, no matter what), and we can get really spesific. I have an idea for the Music Standard, but it isn't on paper (or the internet, more accurately). The possibilities are just endless, I can't even begin to write them down.

Now, the point of this blog is not to give you my well informed opinion on usergroups and how we can fix them, but mostly to get you thinking about them. I know you can save them!