I see that you (or more accurately, everyone who voted For) have implemented a new rank system for the Covenant of Halopedia. Although it seems to me that it is more complete and simple, I have a few things that I would like to ask, and since the forum has already been abandon, I decided that creating a blog would be most appropriate.

First, I have to say that I don't like the fact that we put an armor permutation as a rank, even though we no nothing about it. It's not like we would put a Scout variant in a SoH (fictional Spartans of Halopedia). At least we know what the Scout variant was made for, as opposed to the Asetic, which is just a weird looking thing.

Second, I am not so sure that an Ultra can pull rank over a Spec Ops officer. Just try to imagine, Zuka ‘Zamamee being told "get over here and lick my boots, punk!" by mere Ultra, who I remember eating for breakfast this mourning (although I actually had 7 pieces of French toast that I made myself, no kidding)? Besides, Ultra is not a Special Operations rank (despite being in the Special Operations category), I believe the rank of Ultra should be moved to where the Asetic rank currently is.

Third, the Weapon and Oracle master. Do we have enough information to accurately place their ranks? Also, I don't think that a Zealot would give a damn what an Oracle master thinks when he's trying to exterminate some xeno (human) scum. If you cold show me a passage showing that they are in fact a higher rank, I would like to see it, as I haven't read all of the books.

Fourth, the Supreme Commander. I’m really not comfortable with this, as it is in the Graphic Novel, so we can’t really trust it to start. Second, I must have missed it, but where does it give evidence that this Sup Com is Thel? They don’t seem to make it obvious, so if someone who owns the book could clarify, that would be great. But the last and probably most crucial bit of evidence is the dress. Thel Vandumee is never seen in a black cloak with an elaborate headdress, even in front of the Prophets, whom he would most certainly get in his most ceremonial gear for. He is always seen as either a Zealot or the Arbiter armor, so this really says to me that they are not the same. I personally believe that this Supreme Commander is really the Supreme Commander of all Non-Standard Military Operations. After the events on Halo, he was probably killed, and Ratas just took his place, preferring the less ‘flashy’ name, as he doesn’t seem the type. However, this Sup Com looks like a total narcissist to me, and would bestow an insanely long name like that for himself and force everyone under him to just go along with it. As such, I believe that the rank of Supreme Commander should be moved right above the rank of Spec Ops commander.

Now, the last thing, and what I have really been warming up to. The Elder and Kaidon ranks have (as from what I have read) have nothing to do with the actual Covenant military ranking structure. They are a group of Sangheli who are in essentially, a clan, that have a mural showing the great and terrible moments in their ancestors history. Because of this, I would like to propose that you A. remove them from the current rank structure and B. for a sort of 'clan' system based on when on was "born to Halopedia (or the CoH)" as it were. Each group will have their own page, where they list members (people who joined Halopedia in a 2 week period), and a list of all of the awards that people have gained, all the bans that a members have received. The Kaidon would either be a member who has done exceptionally well (plenty of awards, high edit count, least bans), or someone who was voted to the position. In this way we encourage members to be on their best behavior all of the time, as any mess ups, and everyone else looks bad (remember the muralesque what our members did idea?). It also encourages users to visit and edit more, as it will give them something more to aspire to (kaidon) as well as leave a good impression on anyone who bothers to look. Can we work with this idea? What way should we go? Born to Halopedia (broader?) or the CoH (narrower)? Kaidon is voted in, or made so by a specific guidelines? Give me your thoughs.