So this is my first blog.  Lets see how it goes. 

Today I am going to focus on armor lock since that is the one that everyone hates.  Here are some ways I have found that beat armor lock on occasion. 

1.(If you have these grenades and are far enough away that you don't blow yourself up.)  Throw a plasma or pulse grenade on the guy one (1) second after he goes into armor lock. 

2. (If you are close and have armor lock.)Armor lock right next to the enemy after they do.  They they will go out of armor lock first and after they are vunerable then you jump out of armor lock and finish them off with a melee or a precision weapon. 

3.  (If you are far away.)  Just wait for the guy to come out of armor lock and waste him. 

4.  (If you are in a vehicle that has been stunned.)  Get out. This is your best chance for survival.  Then back away as fast as you can while throwing a grenade and try to blow up the vehicle while the guy will most likely still be trying to take the vehicle for himself. 

5.  Don't try to splatter someone who has armor lock.  Every once in a while you will get lucky but not all the time. 

How helpful was this? Did I tell you all the stuff you already knew how to do?  Does one of these tactics not work against an armor lock veteran?  Please leave your feedback.