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June 2, 2008
  • Nicmavr

    The problem seems to have subsided, at least for now. Thanks to all who informed us of the problem.

    Quite recently, a certain number of users have reported to be unable to post comments in blogs, images, etc. Users including Kougermasters, 2K Dragon and some other users have mentioned to me that they can't post comments. The problem they have is, when they try to comment, nothing happens. When they told me, at first I though we were dealing with common lag. But I've noticed that this is happening to me and many more users, which makes me think we may be dealing with a glitchy comment template, system code, etc.

    So, because of this, I'd like to aks the administration to try and look into the problem to see if we have some sort of glitch in th…

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  • Nicmavr

    Many of the admins delete numerous duplicate images every single day. But of what I've noticed, these images are usually uploaded by users and mostly, new users, who don't realise that what they're uploading already exists. Also, many images get unused, sometimes because the users find the existing image and use that instead and just leave the one they uploaded. So, perhaps we should develop a way to make existing images more obvious? I myself have thought of a couple of ways, but they're not so effective. I could use a few more ideas from the community and try to solve or at least calm the problem down a bit. Not that it's always much of a problem, but a solution to it would decrease admin work, therfore allowing admins to have more time to …

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  • Nicmavr

    Alright. This is a discussion concerning about Sgt. Johnson in Halo: Combat Evolved.

    Notice how Johnson is with you on the level Assault on the Control Room. But, we also know that Captain Keyes was on his mission to the flood containment facility, at the same time. We can note this by:

    -Echo 419 dropping off John-117 at the swamp.

    As Foehammer said, the captain's last transmission was 12 hours ago, at the time John-117 was looking for Halo's control centre. So Captain Keyes's mission was on at the same time as the Chief's. And, as we can see in the cutscene of Guilty Spark, Sgt. Johnson was with the Captain. But how was that, if he was with the Chief at the same time? Was this something overlooked by bungie during the development of the game…

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