Hey, I'd like to give my visions and ideas toward the future of Spartan Ops. Season 1 was an alright start, but for Season 2 and onward needs a big makeover.

New Enemies: I want more variety with our foes. Some older enemies can return (Brutes, Drones, etc), and some newer ones can be designed. The Brutes should me more aggressive and beefier than the Elites, but less accurate and strafe/dodge less often. They could replace Elites for some chapters, and while it may not seem like it would work story-wise, there's definitely a way to include them. I believe Drones should appear in panicky times, sort of like in Mission 2 of Halo 3. Maybe one future season of Spartan Ops can have a 2-4 week halloween special with the flood temporarily returning and the Spartan-IVs defeating them. They would be accidentally uncovered in a broken down forerunner facility like the Gas Mine in Halo 2. Then they would spread through several areas encountered earlier in the season and turn them into rotting wastelands. For original enemies, I have one particular idea in mind. It is a gigantic reptilian beast that would fights similar to how the Flood Juggernaut would've in Halo 2 and the big native creatures in Halo Reach did (forgot what they were called). The Reptilian creature would use its incredibly long tail as a third limb and would swing it at players. When a bit far away, it would go on four legs and charge. It would also use scenery objects like covenant crates to throw at the player.

Puzzles: I think there should be puzzles (simple or complex) in some missions of Spartan Ops. Think of the Half-life series or even platformers. My ideas include sections where you have to use a crane and simple switch puzzles.

Gimmicks: Some missions should have gimmicks. How about one where you and your friends get to pilot these miniature scarab-like tanks that have the width and length of a wraith but are twice as tall because of their legs. They could fire two long beam-like plasma mortars or simple plasma fire similar to that of the ghosts. How about one similar to Assault where Crimson has to arm and detonate a bomb at a Covie base. The player holding the bomb can only melee and moves slower as well which means that the other three players would have to defend him/her and if the covies steal or disarm the bomb it's a mission failure. They could also have a Pelican or Broadsword mission. I also want to see one where Crimson is going to a covenant ship like the Corvette in Reach and they have thruster packs (in the beginning it would work like an unlimited Jet Pack because they'd be in space). They would also have avoid asteroids moving toward them and fight off Elite Rangers. What about a sea vehicle mission with motorboats that have chainguns, and we get to destroy Covenant sea vehicles? Another idea I have is a mission where Crimson has to escort some scientists and at least one must survive or else the mission is failed. My last idea is a sequence in one chapter where one player would have to take control of a MAC while the rest of the team fights off enemy forces on the ground.

Story: I want longer CG episodes, around 10-15 minutes.

Characters: I believe Fireteam Majestic and Sarah Palmer (if she's still alive by then) should appear as allies in gameplay). Maybe it could work as another gimmick where they need to be kept alive. If they're damaged to much, they fall to the ground and need to be revived in a time limit (30 seconds to a minute probably) or else the mission is failed. Since the Arbiter is going to appear in Spartan Ops in the future, he and his Elites should be in gameplay as well.

Replayability: Let's say you're not playing Spartan Ops on matchmaking because you just want to have a new, fun experience with friends. Players should be allowed to activate skulls, change the amount of lives, and edit traits. They should have optional objectives which result in extra XP. The optional objectives could be 'competitions' with Majestic where you have to kill the most enemies or race them to a certain area (if they appear in the mission). One or two of these optional objectives would appear per episode.

What would you like to see the most in the future of Spartan Ops?

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I know all these new features would add time to Season 2 and onward's development, but it would be totally worth it. Plus, we're going to be paying for future seasons, so that'll push 343i to work harder on them. Please give feedback on my ideas. Also, if any of you guys have more ideas/suggestions, I'd be very happy to hear them in the comments.