Most MLG players tend to be really annoying. First of all, they take the game too seriously. Whatever happened to just having fun? Why do some people always have win or else they yell, whine, and curse at the game and their contestants. They usually have a tendency to see things black and white (you either suck or your good). If they beat you in a match, that instantly means you suck. Apparently to them there aren't many levels of good and bad, there are just noobs and pros. By their logic, that would probably mean only one person who plays halo is actually good, because they beat everyone else below them.

One of the major reasons they are annoying is that they get mad at you way too much for using tactics "that don't take skill". If I use an assault rifle (which I think takes some skill anyway, maybe not as much as a DMR, but some skill), they are going to say I suck at halo when I can actually use a DMR. I just like assault rifles because automatic weapons just make me feel like a badass, which feeling like a badass is one of the main things that makes halo enjoyable for me. Also, they get the most frustrated when I pummel (or beat people down in Halo 3). What's wrong with meleeing? I mean, I heard a developer once said that Weapons-Melee-Grenades is the golden triangle of halo. Besides, at least all my kills aren't melee. Only about half of them. And at least I don't camp in a room with a shotgun.

Not all MLG players are bad. There are a few that are fun to play with (and most of the MLG players I meet on here don't sound as bad as the ones I meet on LIVE). Its just the majority of them. Whats the point of calling it "Major League Gaming" when most of the players don't understand the main focus of video gaming (to have fun)? Does anyone else get annoyed by MLG players or is it just me?

Are you annoyed by the mindset of most MLG players?

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