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Morhek September 5, 2009 User blog:Morhek

I'm sure we're all aware that France has gained early copies of Halo 3: ODST, and that spoilers are now flooding teh intarwebz liek crazee. To commemorate the event, I've brought in a very special someone to calm your frayed nerves. The UNSC Information Minister himself, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf!

While most famous for his work at media mismanagement under the Saddam Hussein regime, he's now found employment as a member of the UNSC Emergency Military Government! ONI Section II has already become fond of their new spokesperson, and on the subject of the invasion of New Mombasa, he had this to say:


Okay, on a more serious note; lets face it, my last attempt at parody wasn't really that Halo-related, and would have been deleted if I wasn't such a fixture in the community (and so modest!). Lets hope this is a return to form - and lets face it, its too good an internet meme to pass up!

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