Fellow Halo Fans, As two of the main characters in the Halo franchise, many players have discussed John-117 and Noble Six as "who's better?"  Hoperfully, this short blog post will help give some facts to help players draw a conclusion to the Who's really better question.  

The Master Chief has been the main character of Halo games 1-5, whereas, due to his fate, Noble Six was only in Halo: Reach.  While many Master Chief fans claim that, because of his actions on Installation 04, the Master Chief is more of a hero.  However, without Spartan B-312's actions, the Pillar of Autumn would probably have never gotten off Reach in one piece, and therefore John would have been KIA.  While John-117 and Noble Six were both classified as "Hyper-lethal vectors", Noble Six did indeed die before John-117.

Now we come to the deaths.  Noble Six's actions technically saved Master Chief's life, and therefore many players believe that Noble Six is better than the Master Chief.  This is all a matter of opinion, and players must decide for themselves who is really better.  Noble Six died in an ensuing firefight.  There was no escape, because the path he chose was to save the Pillar of Autumn.  Many people agree that, if put in Noble Six's shoes, John-117 would have eventually died, just like Noble Six.  

I hope this has been an informative, helpful article.