A lot has been said and done about Halo: MCC.  Most negativity has been multiplayer-related, most positivity is about the sheer number of experiences it has to offer.  Here's my slightly biased review.  Note that the only bias is that I'm a longtime halo fan.  I am not in any way a fanboy, however.

Offline Multiplayer

Custom Games

115 maps spanning all four Halos included.  That's almost 'nuff said.  I am a strictly offline gamer, and having 115 maps for playing splitscreen custom games is amazing.  All these custom games are completely customizable, and altogether nostalgiac for those who are playing the old games, such as Halo CE or Halo 2.

Verdict: 5 stars (The 115 maps really sells it, and I have no complaints)


With the additions of Halo: CEA and Halo 2 anniversary, I can now forge in most maps!  All the big-ticket maps (eg. Blood Gulch, Hang 'em High) have been remade and remastered, and I can Forge in them!  Also, Halo 2 Anniversary's Forge allows special weapons, such as Survivor shotgun and Survivor magnum, specially for Infected gametypes.

Verdict: 5 stars (Super fun to forge, and just to mess around.  I have 4 forge maps devoted to goofing off)


Splitscreen!  Alas, it seems Halo MCC may be the last product by 343 Industries to feature my beloved splitscreen.  I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent playing splitscreen with friends and family.  All campaigns feature two-player splitscreen, and most Multiplayer modes feature four-player splitscreen.

Verdict: 5 stars (10 stars if I could)

Spartan Ops

When I originally owned Halo 4, I was unable to play Spartan Ops because I lacked a Live Gold subscription.  I was upset to find that these fabled Spartan Ops replaced my beloved firefight.  Well, with MCC, you no longer need a Live Gold account to play Spartan Ops!  I find them very fun, especially the ones featured in Ragnarok.  I have one complaint: Spartan Ops simply cannot replace firefight.  Firefight was something that I played for hours on end, and never got tired of it.  Spartan Ops gets boring once you complete all chapters.

Verdict: 4 stars (too few Ops to replace firefight)


I, personally have never played MCC online, but I have read plenty to tell me that 343 slacked off and ruined a lot of people's time.  From what I understand, custom games work online just fine.

Verdict: 2 stars (Online Multiplayer is now playable, but the lack of it at launch detered many Halo fans)


All four campaigns featuring Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 are included in this one game.  That's right, folks, four complete campaigns, including optional remastered versions of Halo: CE and Halo 2.  Not much to say about Campaign, other than that it allows two player splitscreen.

Verdict: 5 stars (All the original campaigns, two of which are remastered, make the campaigns incredible)


Graphics.  Wow.  PS4 gets all the fame for their "stunning" graphics, but what are graphics if you don't have an excellent campaign and multiplayer?  The graphics caught my attention with MCC.  With Halo 2 anniversary and Halo Combat Evolved anniversary, I constantly found myself switching back and forth to see the difference in graphics.

Verdict: 4.5 stars (Despite amazing graphics, I still think Halo 3's graphics easily are as good as Halo CEA's graphics)


This game has an achievement for anything.  Find an easter egg?  Kill 100 of any enemy?  Get a bunch of headshots?  Fight alongside Chips Dubbo?  Achievements for all of that.  Heck, I've probably raised my gamerscore by 50% in the 20 hours I've spent on it!

Verdict: 5 stars (Gamerscore for the win! 'Nuff said!)


At release, Halo MCC was a mere 60$ (USD), 70$ (USD) in some places.  That seem like a lot?  Think of the content. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, if I had gotten all four of the games it includes at launch, I'd be down 240$ (USD).  Plus you throw in Halo CEA and we have 300$ (USD).  If I bought them now, they'd be 80$ (USD), or 100$ including Halo CEA. Now, MCC in some places can be gotten for a mere 30-40$ (USD)!  I thought it was a scam at first!  All of the original some!  The added forge to Halo 2 Anniversary allows countless combinations of customized maps.  So, the price is an absolute steal.

Verdict: 5 stars (an absolute steal)

Final Verdict

Here are my ratings for each aspect:

Custom games 5 stars

Forge 5 stars

Splitscreen 5 stars

Spartan Ops 4 stars

Online Gaming 2 stars

Campaign 5 stars

Graphics 4.5 stars

Achievements 5 stars

Price 5 stars

Here's the averaging of those aspects

4.5 Stars.  If you don't care about online gaming, like me, it's 4.8 by my calculations and opinions.

So there you go.  This is all my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.  My review, my opinion.

My final summary

Splitscreen, Custom Games, Campaign, Graphics, Achievements, and Price are all great.  If you're fine without online gaming, you should thoroughly enjoy this product.  Savor it while it lasts, because it's probably the last good product 343 Industries will ever release.