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    Master Chief

    February 19, 2016 by MenacePotatoe

    I might get some hate because of this, but whatever.

    The Master Chief needs to die soon, in my opinion. He's survived some rediculous stuff, yes, and perhaps he's the best Spartan. Whatever. 343 Industries, as much as I hate them, need to move on. Halos 1-3 were good with John-117, and perhaps if Bungie was still making Halo, I would like the Chief to live.

    But as it is, I think 343 is just going to further screw it up. I would rather them just have him die in Halo 6 than continue on, making crappy story lines that make him look like a fool.

    There, I said it. This is all my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

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  • MenacePotatoe


    A lot has been said and done about Halo: MCC.  Most negativity has been multiplayer-related, most positivity is about the sheer number of experiences it has to offer.  Here's my slightly biased review.  Note that the only bias is that I'm a longtime halo fan.  I am not in any way a fanboy, however.

    115 maps spanning all four Halos included.  That's almost 'nuff said.  I am a strictly offline gamer, and having 115 maps for playing splitscreen custom games is amazing.  All these custom games are completely customizable, and altogether nostalgiac for those who are playing the old games, such as Halo CE or Halo 2.

    Verdict: 5 stars (The 115 maps really sells it, and I have no complaints)

    With the additions of Halo: CEA and Halo 2 anniver…

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  • MenacePotatoe

    The UNSC has used numerous vehicles throughout the Halo games. The goal of this post is to shed some light on some common UNSC vehicles.

    Note that this article is intended for players new to the Halo franchise.

    The M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle, or Mongoose, is a transport vehicle used by the UNSC Marines.  The Mongoose is manufactured by AMG Transport Dynamics, a vehicle manufacturing company that produces lightly armored vehicles for military use, and some civilian vehicles like the Civilian Warthog.  As a combat vehicle, the Mongoose is often unreliable as it offers zero protection to the driver and passenger.  The Mongoose is typically used for rapid transportation, but is prone to rollovers at high speeds or in rough terrain.

    The M…

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    Greetings fellow gamers,

                    I am writing a blog post of, what to me, come off as the seven most poular halo multiplayer maps.  I will accept input in the comments if I feel the input is fit for this post.  I shall count down from #7 to #1.  Let's get started!

    1. 7: The Halo 4 map Exile.  I choose this because, this map shows a variety of vehicles and weapons, and is extremely popular in the Custom Games mode.
    1. 6: The Halo: Reach map Forge World.  It is a staple among Forge creators.  It is by far and none the most popular map of Halo: Reach due to it's useful wide-open spaces for forging.  It's huge budget makes it perfect for creating Forge Art, and it is one of the few maps capable of spawning in a Grid.  
    1. 5: The Halo 3 map The Pit.…
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    Fellow Halo Fans, As two of the main characters in the Halo franchise, many players have discussed John-117 and Noble Six as "who's better?"  Hoperfully, this short blog post will help give some facts to help players draw a conclusion to the Who's really better question.  

    The Master Chief has been the main character of Halo games 1-5, whereas, due to his fate, Noble Six was only in Halo: Reach.  While many Master Chief fans claim that, because of his actions on Installation 04, the Master Chief is more of a hero.  However, without Spartan B-312's actions, the Pillar of Autumn would probably have never gotten off Reach in one piece, and therefore John would have been KIA.  While John-117 and Noble Six were both classified as "Hyper-lethal ve…

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