halo 4 overall gets a 7/10 from me. campain is just running around pressing buttons so you can see a cut seen. all the multiplayer maps are small, excluding ragnorok. the forge has some cool details but i like halo reachs maps much more. they have no "big" forge maps to build in. forg world will out play impact, ravin and erosin. multiplayer is great, other than the fact that you look like a doller rama piece of plastic in transformers styled armour. the colours are brighter than armuor would ever be. its ok, i do want to say that even with mistakes like those , i cut them slack since this is their first real halo game from scratch. halo 5 needs a hornet or falcon. banshees are good for controlll but i use falcons as transport and speed to get away from traffic. lees brighter colours and halo armor not the transformer halloween costume kind. please feel free to share ur opinions on my review.