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    DLC Armor

    December 19, 2012 by MasterChiefDragonWarrior

    Ever since the days of Halo 3 there have been rumors of DLC armors, with people hoping for permutations such as SPI for the Spartans or the Arbiter Combat Harness for the Elites. While these hopes never materialized, when Halo: Reach came out there were a few rumors going around that the map packs would ship with exclusive armor permutations, such as Jorge's red visor. Even gaming media networks such as IGN and Machinima picked up on the news when a mysterious helmet was seen in previews of the Defiant Map Pack. However the helmet was nowhere to be found once the pack shipped. After 343 Industries took control of Halo and released the Anniversary Map Pack, it was said that this mysterious helmet would make an appearance, which it did in th…

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