Hullo all. You might know me as Leo Fox – or that furry who deletes about 150 blog posts everytime he shows up on the wiki. To explain this bizarre occurrence away, I’ll note that I am an Administrator here on Halo Nation, holding Bureaucrat status (meaning I can appoint Rollback users and Administrators with Community and Administrative approval, blah blah). I am an experienced and capable user, proficient with coding and memes. Especially memes. And coding too.

Now, you might be asking yourself; “Why is this furry fox guy who hates blogs and is rarely even here blithering away about Policy?” Well, as it so happens, part of my duties (pretty much my only one at the moment) is the writing and implementation of Official Policy here on Halo Nation. Meaning, I make the rules that get approved by the Administration to become enforceable rules. I have a few things planned, regarding Halo Nation Policy and the wiki in general (hence, belying the title of this blog – but I hate blogs anyway) that I plan the unveil right about a paragraph below this.

  1. Blog Policy: To be quite honest, I hate coming here and having to singlehandedly delete dozens of blogs almost as much as I hate Blogs. They are a waste of time usually because they are used in an absolutely idiotic fashion, and implemented here on Halo Nation (and elsewhere) by the visionary geniuses working for Wikia. Before you write a blog, make sure it conforms to the Blog Policy. If it fails to meet the criteria specified by the Policy page, it will both be deleted and, following upcoming Policy Revisions, you will receive a warning as part of the “Three Strikes” policy (TL;DR three warnings and you are banned – noted that the warnings are only issued for legitimate infractions and are discarded after four months).
  1. Chat Policy: Recently, there have been a rash of Chat scandals, none of which I particularly know about. Given this, I adopted the American Political strategy of randomly fixing the problem by implementing more regulation regarding the Halo Nation Chat. Notably, it is now required that Chat Moderators need to be able to provide justification for banning and provide chat logs of the banned user’s infractions. I do hope that this points out what a bureaucracy we have become as a wiki. Now, all I need is a silly and ill-conceived “Occupy” movement to both publicly ignore and mock privately.
  1. Administrators: The Cabal is watching. No, really – they are. In any case, Halo Nation is currently attempting to bring more Admins to the team to balance the power around and to prevent potential abuse of power. Not to mention, it becomes more democratic with more user’s opinions being represented . For those potential Admins out there, make sure you edit lots, act maturely, and prove yourself to the community to be an able Administrator. There is also an “Administrator’s Guide to Administrating” forthcoming – however, my numerous “Furry/My Little Pony/Halo” fan fictio…ah, rather “work and projects” keep getting in the way. It’ll be up in a week or so.

I suppose that’s all I have to brush upon in this blog post, besides my explanation on why I’m never here: I blame my permanent relocation to New Zealand and the corresponding inability for me to regularly access the internet. However, this is slowly being alleviated through the gaining of monetary assets and the acquisition of a router. Hopefully, you’ll get to know me better when I become an active user here again.

-Leo Fox Leo_Fox_icon.png (My bark is probably bigger than my bite) 01:54, December 6, 2011 (UTC)