So, browsing Halopedia once again, I spied a news item near the top declaring a Halo 3: ODST giveaway contest. That was several weeks ago. The thought of signing up never really crossed my mind, because I had already pre-ordered ODST and I was prepared to pick it up at midnight of the 21st/22nd, or shortly thereafter (which I did). Afterwards, I found myself on Halopedia yet again. Why? I don't know. Last time I was on here and a certain third installment of Halo came out, I ruined the ending for myself. I never learn.

However! That's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting this in response to the contest. Yes, while it may offer some people a chance to get ODST without actually paying for it, it also suffers under the "Internet Contest" syndrome. A simple search for "ODST giveaway" via your favorite search engine yields our website, third down. Now, if I was anyone smart, I would sign up for all of the contests, to give myself a better chance of winning (whether or not their all legit is something for another time), but that, in our case, involves you signing up for the website and making a comment on the contest page itself. Which subsequently results in several hundred "new users" who post maybe two or three times, and then leave, waiting for an e-mail when the 27th rolls around. If they do win, kudos to them.

If they don't, at least one or two will come back, and they will be infuriated because they weren't the winner in a free contest when they had the precisely same chance of winning as everyone else. Thus, they will make a large consternation about a number of things, all of which have probably no basis anyway, eventually resulting in a declaration of leaving (which, in the long run, means nothing, because they signed up only for the contest in the first place).

So what does it all mean? Nothing, really. At best, we gain a few members who stick around. At worst, they DDoS the site, and bring it down because they didn't win (being dramatic here, people). What I'm basically saying is that contests entice a large number of people to join, but they aren't active because there's no reason to be.

My challenge to you is this: Defend yourselves, you contestants! Prove to me that you aren't just some passing group! If not, then I have been vindicated, and I can go back to lurking on the site.