Forthencho, the Lord of the Admirals, was a man of high rank who fought during the Human-Forerunner War circa 109.000 BC.


Human-Forerunner War

Once we were a great empire, united and concerted power in our goals ...

~ Forthencho

As a senior officer in the prehistoric human empire, Forthencho often found himself at odds with Yprin Yprikushma, who was the commander of political and moral humanity. Rejection Yprin conclude that the Earth was the homeworld of humanity, having seen many worlds with ruins of a human civilization even before the dark age of technology, believing that the origins of humanity were in another place. He also saw Yprin erroneous decision The Primordial to carry Charuml Hakkor, arguing that the truths revealed by the Lord were demoralizing.

During the conflict between humanity and the Flood, and its simultaneous war with the Forerunner, tried in vain to convince the human government to try to use the Flood as a weapon against the Forerunner. Ultimately, it was revoked by Yprin and was bitter to see that the Flood may have been the only hope for humanity to win the war.

As mankind fell back to his capital Charum Hakkor, Forthencho commanded the forces protecting the planet, gaining intimate compression Didact tactics and strategy in the process of fighting against constant attacks along battle. Later I notice that despite their animosity towards Forerunner, still felt a deep respect for his opponents.

Also personally met with Didact after his ship was captured by the forces Forerunner. Eventually he and the other survivors of the human forces were pushed back to the citadel of Charum Hakkor. Finally planetary defenses collapsed and Forthencho was certain they had lost the war. The human survivors shed their uniforms in a last attempt to hide from the Forerunner, but this failure because Didact was able to locate it from the thousands of human survivors.

Ur-Didact Forthencho comforted, as I saw this as a great warrior, showing respect for their tenacity and leadership, I explain that the library would keep his memories of how he defeated the Flood attack if returned to the galaxy. As such, Forthencho and other humans were scanned by the composer, killing their physical bodies and their minds were filed, to be printed in the DNA of future generations to retrieve the secret of how to defeat the Flood in time.


You are young. I am old, and I'm dead.

~ Forthencho awakening in Chakas

More than nine thousand years after his death, the personality of Forthencho was inserted into the DNA of a man known as Chakas. Her memories began to emerge, recalled witnessing the destruction of Charum Hakkor because of Forerunner artifacts, recalled the location of the Eternal and consciousness gained momentum within the mind of Chakas. Forthencho declined to comment on the events around him, and use his knowledge to enlighten Chakas also showed disappointment to learn that the former glory of the Human was in the past.

After being captured by Medicant Bias, memory Chakas Forthencho was withdrawn and placed on a monitor. 032 Mendicant Bias revenge promised their former creators, being helped by ancient humans. Forthencho expressed his excitement at the prospect, but the plan failed when the fleet resumed Didact Installation 07. Forthencho consciousness met Chakas mind while using to create 343 Guilty Spark.

Forthencho continued to exist within 343 Guilty Spark, for 100,000 years, just like a small piece of the monitor.

Physical Characteristics

Forthencho had dark skin, in addition to a great height. His shoulders were broad, with muscular arms and big hands. With a few strands of hair and a big jaw.

When rendered as a Hologram, appeared dressed in traditional uniform of ancient humans, including a rounded helmet covering his face and ears, a thin film, a wide belt secured under the chest, tight pants and a bulky loincloth.


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