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    DMR vs BR

    December 19, 2012 by Legentro

    the DMR and BR are almost the same, just change the way you shoot

    the DMR shoot one bullet at a time but shoots faster, as seen.

    BR shoots 3 bullets at a time but does not shoot as fast.

    to me that would kill at the same time.

    which should remove 343 Industries?

    to me that none of the two, buts going to take one, that the replacement is good weapon.

    you are saying?

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  • Legentro


    December 5, 2012 by Legentro

    Forthencho, the Lord of the Admirals, was a man of high rank who fought during the Human-Forerunner War circa 109.000 BC.

    Human-Forerunner War

    Once we were a great empire, united and concerted power in our goals ...

    ~ Forthencho

    As a senior officer in the prehistoric human empire, Forthencho often found himself at odds with Yprin Yprikushma, who was the commander of political and moral humanity. Rejection Yprin conclude that the Earth was the homeworld of humanity, having seen many worlds with ruins of a human civilization even before the dark age of technology, believing that the origins of humanity were in another place. He also saw Yprin erroneous decision The Primordial to carry Charuml Hakkor, arguing that the truths revealed by the Lord …

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