Destroying vehicles is key to any succesful mission. Let's create a scenario that requires a vehicle to be destroyed.

A player and his group of teammates have succesfully taken the hill in the "King of the hill" gametype. They are quickly racking up points when a massive, plasma explosion kills half of the team. Looking out near the bunker, he sees a Wraith charging his position and slaughtering his teammates who ran out to stop it. He volunteers to go and destroy it, but he has not got any Ordnance weapons (Eg. Rocket Launcher), but he DOES, however, have a frag grenade, not strong enough to kill the Wraith. He gets close enough to board it, and he immediately begins bashing in the Driver's hatch. The gunner of the Wraith begins shooting his head, and before he could get off, the plasma billowed his armour and he was brutally killed, therefore allowing the Wraith to kill the rest of his team and win the match.

What did he do wrong? Well, considering that when the Wraith got near, he did NOT kill the gunner, which is a vital part of blowing a tank up. If the gunner is not dead by the time you reach the vehicle, you shouldn't board it. He also had a Frag Grenade, which could have been planted in with the Driver and blown the Vehicle apart instantly. Though it may be difficult, it is also a good idea to scout the map for Power weapons before charging towards the objective. If you happen to have found one, it is a brilliant help to your team to stay behind while they run ahead. Using a Rocket Launcher at close range almost always results in instant death for you, your enemy (Unless they had miraculously escaped), and if any were close enough, some of your teammates. This usually results in instant match loss.

It may not sound like it, but a Mongoose can be the most deadly vehicle. At speed, it can splatter an enemy, and with a Gunner (Hopefully with a Rocket Launcher, or something else that goes boom), it makes it twice as deadly, and twice as fun! But, what if YOUR TEAM had the Wraith? Well, it is a good idea to stay behind cover, and if you are good with maths, you can 'Lob' the plasma bombs over the walls and bombard the enemy team's position.

How do you destroy vehicles? Is it by Planting a grenade? Hijacking it? Hitting the vehicle's weak spot? (The Scorpion and Wraith have very flimsy back covers. A few rounds into this usually smashes the vehicle apart.) Or do you kill everyone on board, blow up the vehicle while it's empty, and massacre the other team with your good old handheld weapons?