Leeroy, can I have Chicken?

aka Leeroy. Or Lee. Or Chicken.

  • I live in some shed somewhere. I don't know, I can't concentrate with these Government goons at my door with guns.
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is running from the feds., that counts as a job. Otherwise, unemployed.
  • I am probably going to run now. Yeeeeaaah...
  • Leeroy, can I have Chicken?

    Destroying vehicles is key to any succesful mission. Let's create a scenario that requires a vehicle to be destroyed.

    A player and his group of teammates have succesfully taken the hill in the "King of the hill" gametype. They are quickly racking up points when a massive, plasma explosion kills half of the team. Looking out near the bunker, he sees a Wraith charging his position and slaughtering his teammates who ran out to stop it. He volunteers to go and destroy it, but he has not got any Ordnance weapons (Eg. Rocket Launcher), but he DOES, however, have a frag grenade, not strong enough to kill the Wraith. He gets close enough to board it, and he immediately begins bashing in the Driver's hatch. The gunner of the Wraith begins shooting his hea…
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  • Leeroy, can I have Chicken?

    By impressive, I really mean IMPRESSIVE. I don't mean killing a grunt with the worst gun in any given Halo game. I'm talking driving a Warthog into a Chieftain and him throwing it with his hammer, but you surviving and killing the Brute in mid-air with a headshot from a Magnum.

    My most impressive moment was in Halo 3: ODST, in which a large group of enemies was bearing down on me. I'd run out of rockets for my launcher, so I had to use the M6S SOCOM, The pistol you always start with. I had one grenade, and it was a Frag, so I leapt up, and punched the nearest Brute Captain in the face. The Engineer nearby was supplying them with shields, So I had to kill him first, or I would have a hard time. I couldn't, so I stood on him, initiating a Glitc…

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