I want a real free Forge world, where you can choose if the scenery is a planet, asteroid or simply space (you can then build a space station) or float without control... Or Ships, Frigates, Covenant cruisers. It must not be MP-Able, but I want to have fun building things. And the "budget" limits are just sad. They could be turned off for SP-only forge.

I'm building a Frigate (I don't have much time to sit on my Xbox) but there are too much (technical) limitations to have real fun.

[Maybe I can post some WIP-Pictures in the future...]

It is no canon vessel, but I took artistic license as I have few pieces and had no blueprints at the time...

A (fully customisable) mission editor would be also sick, but I doubt 343i or Bungie would ever do that. Hehe then you could build you own campaigns and recreate epic battles (if you have enough assets to represent it)...

What do you think? Feel free to answer here on my blog :)

- Lasky