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  • Lasky's Diary

    Is Steven Spielberg Executive Producer AND Director? I didn't get that, as I'm working right now.

    I'm excited. I KNEW they would speak about Halo in the Xbox Reveal Show :D

    It will be Premium-Content, probably on Xbox Live or one of the Video-On-Demand services... Maybe you can buy a suscription with MS Points? It's not clear yet.

    It was long due but now we have it :D A live-action Series!

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  • Lasky's Diary

    I want a real free Forge world, where you can choose if the scenery is a planet, asteroid or simply space (you can then build a space station) or float without control... Or Ships, Frigates, Covenant cruisers. It must not be MP-Able, but I want to have fun building things. And the "budget" limits are just sad. They could be turned off for SP-only forge.

    I'm building a Frigate (I don't have much time to sit on my Xbox) but there are too much (technical) limitations to have real fun.

    [Maybe I can post some WIP-Pictures in the future...]

    It is no canon vessel, but I took artistic license as I have few pieces and had no blueprints at the time...

    A (fully customisable) mission editor would be also sick, but I doubt 343i or Bungie would ever do that…

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  • Lasky's Diary

    Maybe you recognize it, altough it is a different version, but still as good:

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