Purpose for this Blog

Hey there HN users! I have been thrilled for the coming of Halo 5: Guardians since they first announced it. Now that the date is closing in, I'm getting even more excited! With it coming so soon, new information keeps popping up. I wanted to create a blog to get my thoughts out there regarding it. When the game finally does come out, I'd like to keep this blog open for further thoughts on the different elements of it. Weapons, vehicles, story, lore, all is fair play. I hope you read on and enjoy what I've got here! 

Halo 5: Guardians - Couple months before release

Promethean/Forerunner Vehicle???

A couple days after the teaser video for H5:G came out, I decided to watch it (video can be found here: ). I was mindblown. A lot of the information I'm touching on in this blog is coming from that video. One of the things that got me both hopeful and nerd-cited was the appearance of what seems to be a Forerunner vehicle. This appears when the team goes sliding and gliding down the mountain. It seems to be a hovering vehicle, sporting the traditional grey-orange of the Prometheans. Could this be a new addition to the vehicles of Halo? Will it shoot the crappy Suppressor type rounds, or the more powerful Incineration Cannon rounds? Or something else entirely? The possibilities are numerous and pretty exciting. I was never fond of the Hornet, the Falcon was neat for troop-transport and the Banshee has always been fun, but the idea of something else entirely coming around could be either amazing or dreadful. Many times a new... something.. is added, it can either make the game that much better or that much worse. A good example, in my opinion, was the addition of the Mongoose in H3. It was pretty much a worthless vehicle. It doesn't go faster than a 'Hog, it has no weapons, no protection... useless. Yes, you could use it for races or CTF, but it has no practical use. Will this vehicle, if it is that, be the Mongoose of the series or exactly what it needs? I guess we'll see. Another thought is that this could just be an enemy, and not a vehicle at all! This would be kinda annoying. I would LOVE to see a Forerunner/Promethean vehicle.

New Covenant Vehicle?

I probably should've started off with this, but oh well. I am not extremely knowledgeable about the lore of Halo. I know enough to get me going, but the majority of it comes from the games, not the books, comics or movies. Because of this, there could easily be information that has existed in Halo for many years, but I simply hadn't known about it. If that is the case anywhere in here, my apologies. I am just working off of what I know. AND, what I know, is that there seems to be a new Covenant vehicle as well. It doesn't look like it can be operated by the player, however. It seems like it is similar to the arrival of the Lich in H4. A new vehicle that.... really doesn't need to be there, but might add to the game in some ways. I should have a pic of it below. It almost looks like it is smaller than a Lich and is built with a large (yet skinny) ring on the back of it. The purpose of this ring? To destroy all sentient life. Hmm.... wait... that doesn't sound quite right.... Aha! The purpose of this ring is to look clunky as sh** and not do a single freakin' thing! Yay! Maybe it'll present something when we finally do play the game, but as it is right now, honestly, I'm not impressed with the vehicle.

Is this just a modified Lich or an entirely different ship? A second later in the video, you see it from the side and it does indeed have a ring on the back of it. But why, I wonder...

They changed the Wraith!

Another one of those things I saw during the video was what looked to be a Wraith... but is created differently. 343i must've changed the design! And... I like it. Very different, but slick. To me, it looks like a modified Revenant, but is actually a Wraith. It seems to be designed with a wider front and a narrower back. It also hovers quite a bit higher in the back. Neat design 343, I look forward to driving it!

The Return of the Prometheans?

I understand the need for Prometheans, truly. They add a challenging enemy and a deadly force to threaten the universe. But honestly, after H4, I got sick of Prometheans. They were overpowered, annoying and, quite frankly, are friggin' CHEATERS. They teleport, die and are brought back to life, have near invulnerable points, weapons that kill you immediately and are crack shots. I'm tired of Prometheans. Hopefully 343 has found a way to balance them in H5:G. Not overpowered, but not super weak either. A different opponent that requires a different strategy, but not one that makes you rage-quit for a month. Especially on Legendary. Boy, I'd rather jump out of a plane without a parachute than face 4 or 5 damn Prometheans on H4 Legendary. NO MORE TERMINATORS!!!

Storm or Covenant? Or something else?

This is something that has been bugging me since I watched the H5 cinematic. There are obviously Grunts, Elites and Jackals again. However, they are wearing Storm armor. Where in the world are the Covenant? Did they get defeated or something during the 4 years Chief was in cryo? Are they just not operating in this area? In my opinion, we should have defeated the main enemy before introducing another one. H4 was a great game, but not solid on story. Perhaps we should've had a storyline where we destroy the Covenant, then realize that there were rogue factions. Thus, the Storm group is introduced and can be included in the Reclaimer series. However, this is just my opinion, and it is not THAT important. I enjoyed fighting the Storm guys, but I do miss the fanatical Covvies (spelling of "Covvies"?).

Jul 'Mdama

First off, spelling of Jul 'Mdama? Is that correct? Alright, now my thoughts on it. Jul was introduced in H4, in Spartan Ops. I played through the majority of the SOs, and it felt like they tried to present Jul as the "big bad guy" of the mini-series, if you can call it that. Problem is, I just couldn't feel it. In H1, 2, 3, ODST, Wars and Reach, we fought the Covenant. A conglomerate of alien species bent on firing the Halo rings, ending all sentient life in the universe. Why? Well, for them it was religious reasons, Great Journey and such, but the reason for the rings was to starve the Flood, hopefully ending them. What are the Flood? Basically the most lethal and nasty zombies imagined. Fast, armed, mutating and nasty. Even the Covenant fear them. We hit H4 and have the Didact, a Forerunner hell-bent on turning humanity into his robo-slaves. And now... Jul 'Mdama? Even the name is not as catchy as the previous antagonists. What is his big, evil plans? What did I miss? It sounds like he is just a high ranking Elite. I don't know about having him as a main enemy in H5:G, as the cinematic suggests. HOWEVER, that being said, 343 has talked about a major threat destroying human colonies, and there have been rumors of the Guardians (or perhaps just one, Guardian) returning. That'd do the trick for nasty enemy in Halo. This is yet another thing that will definitely present itself as we play. And 343? You BETTER not make a lame ass boss ending like you did in H4!

Fireteam Osiris

Hmm... Fireteam Osiris. Interesting. Fireteam Osiris is composed of 4 Spartans, each Spartan-IV if I remember right. We have Jameson Locke, leader of Osiris and was a character in Halo: Nightfall. Next, we have Holly Tanaka. It sounds like she had a "troubled" childhood and fears the Covenant, but performs her job just fine. After Holly comes Olympia Vale, who looks like the nerdy Spartan in Osiris. She is the one who knows how many nose hairs an Unggoy has. Finally, and by far the one that makes me the happiest, is Edward Buck! Long time veteran in the Halo Universe, ODST, and finally a Spartan. He even looks like his voice actor, Nathan Fillion, who is one of my favorite actors of all time (go Firefly!) In Osiris, he's the smartass. I have heard rumors that Osiris is taking over Master Chief and becoming the main characters in Halo. I will talk about my thoughts on that particular issue on the next section. As for Osiris, I like them. They have strong (-ish) stories, look cool and could potentially make the series better. I like the fact that at least two of the members have games or movies linking them to the H5 storyline. And, of course, the name sounds awesome. Not quite as iconic or epic as "The Master Chief", but almost.


This is a topic that has been debated constantly since the "death" of Cortana in H4. Is she coming back? There is a chance, of course, but I personally feel like she needs to stay dead. She has pretty much been linked to MC since H:CE, and MC linked to her. If 343 is indeed planning on replacing Chief with Osiris, I simply don't see any solid way of adding Cortana again. If Chief goes, Cortana goes, and vice versa. Osiris is a fresh start for Halo, which means FRESH. A bit like a bad relationship, you gotta get rid of reminders that it happened. No pics, no messages, nothing. NO. MORE. CORTANA. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Cortana character, I just don't feel like she belongs in this next game.

Weapons and Weapon Attachments

THIS particular thing ticks me off! I played a bit of the H5 beta when it came out, and the weapons were set up like they were in all the previous Halos. You get a gun, you use the gun. Nothing special. Three round burst, semi auto, full auto. Simple as that. You can add skins, but it does nothing to the performance. H5:G has introduced a very CoD approach on it and decided to have attachments to their weapons. This means you can add a bayonet to your Assault Rifle, a different sight to your Battle Rifle, Recoil Compensators to your DMR, and so on. Allow me to back up a little bit. I love Halo. I love Halo multiplayer. I somewhat like Call of Duty. I HATE Call of Duty multiplayer. And a large part of that is due to weapon balance. You have CoD players running around with God knows what, using overpowered and unbalanced weapons with about 4 different attachments, different ammo types and modifiers, etc. It is pretty much a giant sh**storm. The beauty of Halo is that it remains balanced. Some weapons are more powerful than others, and some are weaker. But the player can not modify it. It is based sheerly on skill. A person with a plasma pistol can beat a person with an Incin. Cannon, IF he/she knows how to use it. This balance is taken out from games like CoD. Whoever is sneakiest and has the fanciest weapon/highest level (or dished out the most money for extra stuff) is the winner. Is Halo going towards this now? RECOIL COMPENSATORS??? I mean, really. There was so little recoil to begin with, now you wanna reduce it further? BAYONETS? Come ON! Remember how there are "single hit to kill" weapons in CoD? And they suck? Now H5 is doing it too. Different sights? *facepalm* What, you can't see with the fancy high tech HUD provided for you thanks to the UNSC? There are even laser sights to add to your weapons! WHY? Throughout the history of Halo, there have been many hip-fire weapons. Assault Rifle, Magnum in H2 (H3 as well?), Plasma Pistol, Rifle, Storm Rifle, etc. We have never had any use for a laser sight. God dammit 343, why are you doing this????


343 is trying to cover their **s with this one. Luckily, it is awesome and should be used in all games. 343 has made it so ALL attachments, skins and armors are unlockable in game. If you can earn it, you can use it. Too many games will give you OP weapons that you can BUY, and the slightly richer gamers will do it. Thus, they have an unfair advantage that no one else really wants to get. So far, ANYTHING that you can use can be earned. This makes an even playing field for the MP gamers. You can still get early access to things with pre-order, but that's not really a big deal.

Armor Design

Phew, dat armor doe. Tanaka's and Vales looks kind of alien like, but WOW. The armor is designed well, slimmed down, plenty of detail. It looks GOOD. Different, sure, but GOOD. You see armor in H4 that had no visor at all (looking at you GUNGNIR). Be like putting a bucket on your head. Sure, it is just a camera that relays picture to the Spartan's HUD, but it still looks clunky. 343 has kept the basic design of the armor, but slimmed it down and made it a bit smoother and more... well, fashionable. I'll be adding some picks of what I'm talking about later. ;)

Spartan Ops? Firefight? Something else, perhaps?

As far as I know, nothing has been announced regarding the extra... things you might be able to do. I call them "things" 'cause I'm not sure what else to call them. Mini-series? Extras? You get my drift. Spartan Ops in H4, Firefight in H3:ODST and Reach. Will H5:G have these... things? We don't know yet. I could see them continuing the SO storyline, though I'd be disappointed if that was it. SO was neat, but SUPER repetitive and not really THAT strong. If you wanna mess around and kill stuff, you do Legendary SO. You wanna practice with a new player, you do Easy SO. You wanna learn story and lore, you go to Halo Nation. I enjoyed Firefight, even though it was pretty much SO without objectives. When you start, it pretty much says "kill everything that moves". SO tries to add a story to it, but it just didn't feel strong. They got better later on, but in the beginning, this was it: Enemies control area. Kill enemies. Activate switch. Next area. Kill enemies. Activate switch. Lots of enemies to kill. Evac. Maybe a mysterious silent mission, but it still ends like this. Then they added Jul 'Mdama (I think I got the spelling right!!!) in a weird and somewhat desperate attempt to make it strong again. This is exactly why I don't want 343 using Jul in H5. SO was incredibly weak, even with Jul. Don't make the same mistake with the main campaign. Hm, I went a bit off topic. H5! Do Spartan Ops or Firefight, preferably Firefight, make it GOOD. Or else add something else entirely that'll hopefully no suck.


Excited again. My internet sucks something awful, so MP is pretty much off the table for me in H5:G. My ping is between 500 and 1000. I need less than 100 to do good. :( This makes me pretty sad since 343 is adding the new "Warzone" gametype. If I remember right, it is played on a new map named "Arena". I think it's Arena anyways... Anyways, here's the gist of it: Instead of 16 players, it has 24. Much bigger battle. And the incredibly special part of it is the AI. Covies (or Covvies?), Prometheans and UNSC forces will drop by unexpectedly and say hi. UNSC will fight with you against the enemies, and Covies and Prometheans fight against you. I also heard it is objective based. Not completely sure, but it sounds similar to KotH. Anyone have any insight on what the objectives will be? In any case, it should be really interesting and pretty intense. And sadly, I won't be experiencing it. Wah.

Making faces look like faces

The first time this was implemented was in Avatar. The actors/actresses wore CGI suits that turned their actions and movements into avatar movements. They did this with H:MCC for Cortana as well. I don't think they did it with the rest of the characters, but definitely Cortana. When I saw it, I nearly s**t myself. Ok, maybe not, but I was super impressed. It looks REAL. Mindblowingly REAL. And they are using that same technique with Osiris in H5. If you checked out the cinematic for it, all of the faces you see in the beginning used that CGI software. The faces you see in the game are nearly EXACTLY like the faces of the people in real life. Hot damn. It looks good.

Spirits and Phantoms

I've got mixed feelings about this. The Spirit is the Covie dropship used in H:CE. Looks like a... hm, maybe a cattle prod or something. In H2, they introduced the Phantom. H3 used Phantoms as well, and ODST. Reach used both, I think Wars used both, as well as Spartan Assault and Strike. I don't get the why though. UNSC has only one variant of airborne troop carriers (not counting big ones, just talking about the Pelican). The Spirit was weaker than the Phantom. I think it even dropped less dudes. I don't quite get the need for having it in-game. Nostalgia's sake, maybe? It was definitely in the H5:G cinematic in any case.

Unit Design

I got annoyed with H4 because of this. Since H:CE, the Covies have maintained a very similar appearance. Maybe better graphics and slightly changed faces, but for the most part they were identical. H4 changed them.... I mean, REALLLLLLY changed them. They look like lizards and dinosaurs now. The Promethean design was sweet, I'll give 'em that, but the Covie design didn't make sense. WHY do they look so different? Are the Storm guys just mutated Covies? Perhaps they are similar to the Heretics in H2, who looked very different from the normal guys. I'm getting used to the design, and I truly don't mind change, but I would like a reason for that change.

Blue Team

HHHHAAAAALLLELUJAH! I'm a nerd, and this particular thing is nerdgasmic. Let me see if I can get my canon loaded. Master Chief is a Spartan II. Fireteam Osiris are all Spartan IVs. S-IIs had much more rigorous body modification, making them pretty much the strongest thing out there when you strip away weapons and armor. An S-IV has minor modification, but significantly higher-tech armor and gear. An S-IV in full kit can face off against an S-II in full kit, and it'd be fair. A nekkid S-IV vs a nekkid S-II... would be a bloodbath. The S-II would demolish him/her. So what is cool about Blue Team? THEY ARE ALL S-IIs. They are the same generation as Chief. Furthermore, one of the members is Linda (S-058 if I remember right). In H:CEA, on "The Pillar of Autumn", you come upon a part where you can see the cryo pod you came out of. There are panels and lights and crap everywhere. One of the panels shows Master Chief. Next to it is a red panel showing another Spartan... Linda. Her status is unknown. I'm pretty sure what ended up happening was the cryo pods ejected when the Covenant started attacking. Chief's malfunctioned, thus he stayed on the PoA. Linda flew around in space for a while. THAT SAME LINDA HAS RETURNED. I like that link between the old game and the new one, personally.

Should be adding pictures soon! Haloprov helped me out and told me Photo requirements/template, so when I get time I'll be adding that in. Thanks Haloprov and LZ32 for the help!