The Covenant absorbed every other intelligent species that they came across up until humans, why, because of the Forerunners mark upon humanity, and because of the ignorance of the High Prophets. But, if they had absorbed humans just like the Jiralhanae, if the Rubble's inhabitants had somehow made a treaty(of course I do know this is impossible, but I am only stating myself in theory), or if some other alliance was made and we joined the fold of the Covenant, what would have happened? I can't help but wonder this, I'm sure that at least one person who will read this text has had the same idea, and maybe even voiced it before. Would humans simply go on to assimilate other members of other species and fight along side the classic enemies we have thrived to kill for over 9 years of gaming nirvana? I don't know, I do know that it would be interesting to see how the humans turned out, like how their equipment and ships would be modified to more suit their role as Covenant soldiers. How would the races of the Covenant except this? Would there be deep seated resentment like that between the Sangheili and Jiralhanae? What would happen if a race of the Covenant rebelled and left humanity in the spotlight, allowing for them to gain stature within the Covenant?

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