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The Babysitter Problems


Cal's long white hair streaked with blood.

This is just a quick blog about problems in The Babysitter, the most serious of which being the length of certain characters hair.

First I shall address O'Brian. When I first saw him, I thought is he a civilian? What is he doing on a UNSC ship? I realized my mistake a few seconds later. Even though it's anime, there are strict regulations about the length of a soldier's hair. It bugs me a lot. It also bugged me that he removed his helmet after a drop, which is a stupid thing to do.

Second I shall address the Spartan, Cal. Before I get onto the topic of her ridiculous hair, I have to say that her name is not a female name, and I was not suspecting her to be female when her helmet was removed. How did she fit that magnificent mane of white puffy hair in her helmet, anyways? I mean, seriously! Also, why was it white? Was it an effect of the Spartan's bio-augmentations? I don't know, and I personally don't care. All I know is that all the other canon Spartans had extremely short hair, as per protocol.

Third, all the minor characters looked the same. Also, I was unaware that a Spartan could throw an ODST drop pod as far as Cal did. Plus, I would like to note that Kelly-087 endured much worse than a smash to the face with a Gravity Hammer. She endured a few Hunter fuel rod shots that basically destroyed her armor, an explosion from Anti-tank mines and Onyx Sentinel beams combined, and she survived two Hunter shots point-blank (well, Holly was between them and her, but as a barrier, she didn't last long) before escaping into the core room. And yet, Cal dies, as noted above, from a small smash to the face, when an ODST can block a hammer with a Sniper Rifle!

I must say that some of the "Forerunner" ruins looked suspiciously like ancient Japanese buildings. Coincidence? I think not. Finally, all that I really liked about The Babysitter was that the Grunts were adorable, and of course, it is new Halo content.

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