Hello, again. This is a video parody of mine, based off the Resident Evil film. Beware: there are some scary sequences and sort of inappropriate-ness and bad language in this video. I got the video parody idea from Spirit-of-HALO, but I actually made this video with Windows Movie Maker. Watch the video BEFORE seeing who's who below (it also tells in the video, but the description is in the blog).


Alice - Subtank: Because Subtank is the only female admin at Halopedia, but also because they seem similar in some ways... in my mind, anyways.

James Shade - Grizzlei: Always the squad leader, cool, calm, controlled, mature (mostly), but is overlate for a gruesome end. Sorry, Tony.

Chad Kaplan - Specops306: Smart, second in command, trusted by CT. Perhaps a bit slow on the initiative, but a pretty trustworthy guy altogether.

Red Queen - ChurchReborn: Justine is insane, crazy, mad, whatever. She's phsyco! But she's also awesome, cool, and a good friend (unlike the Red Queen, also, I don't picture Justine as homicidal, but it's close).

Matt Addison - Nicmavr: Seems to always be there, like an important protagonist should, and is also kind-hearted and friends with Subtank (Alice).

J.D. Salinas - Spirit-of-HALO: Tough, unyielding, and cool. Always manages to try his best, and is sometimes impatient. However, he is constantly ripped apart by the endless waves of cruel Halopedians (zombies) who think he's bad.

Vance Drew - Devout Atheist: A good follower, a good leader, and a good soldier.

Alfonso Warner - Spartansniper450: As per Devout Atheist.

Spence Parks - Manticore: Evil, cruel, and uncaring. That's our friend Manticore!

The Medic - Sub-71: Well, I have always imagined Subz being a Medic or a doctor. I don't know why, though.

Anna Bolt - Ghost sangheili: "There's no fire here, NO FIRE!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, YOU STUPID NOOB!?!" Get the picture?

Rain Ocampo - Smoke.: Awesome, amazing, cool, an excellent leader, no doubt an excellent solder, just a great guy.

Licker - EwCDnaudee419: EwCDnaudee... I don't have much to say. All I have to say is that he is a very great user and admin, and I hope he doesn't see this XD

Bald Man - GEARS OF WAR 2: Hmm... rash, spaztic, and uses foul language? That's GEARS OF WAR 2 alright. Even his username USES CAPITAL LETTERS.

Sorry about those who weren't included in this parody. In the next parody, I'll try to mix things up a little. My next parody will be a Jurassic Park Parody. "Hold on to your butts."