Hello again, my fellow Halopedians! Once again, you find me writing a blog. In this blog, I'll touch on a few points, arguments, and debates about certain things in the Halo Universe.

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

First of all, I'll talk about ODSTs. They are better than Marines in every way. Better armor, more skills, they're braver, they get more weapons, etc. The thing is, why even have Marines if you have the technology to make SPARTAN Super soldiers and ODSTs? Why issue standard Marine armor when it is very easy to get your brains blown out by a sniper? If every single member of the UNSC Army and Marine Corps had ODST armor; they would be unstoppable in combat. If they all had the helmets, the special armor, everything. But I'm also thinking of an invincible UNSC. Suppose you added Energy shields to these ODST battle suits... not great shields, maybe a shield you might find on a Minor Elite. If every Marine and ODST wore ODST armor with Energy Shields, the UNSC would probably almost always triumph on the field of battle. Combine that with more SPARTAN IIs; they'd be, as I previously said, unstoppable. The only problems with that would be money.

If money weren't an issue, you could get a squad of Marines, ODSTs, and SPARTANS. The Spartans could have Spartan Lasers, Machine Gun Turrets, the ODSTs could have Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Battle Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and other powerful weapons such as Shotguns. The Marines could be outfitted with Assault Rifles, SMGs, Battle Rifles, and other standard weapons besides. There could be 20 Warthogs, 15 Gauss Warthogs, 6 Scorpion Tanks, a few Mongooses to scout, and some Hornets besides. Why not? Money. The same reason that Marines don't have ODST armor; money problems. That's also why ODSTs and Marines don't have Energy Shields. And the reason there wasn't a second class of Spartan IIs, is because no one would fund the project.

If the UNSC had unlimited funds, or if money didn't matter in a war to save humanity, Human ships would have plasma weapons and energy shields. But alas, they did not, and were almost defeated... but humanity triumphed; at the cost of hundreds of trillions of lives, both human and Covenant.

The Prophet of Regret

Picture Regret in 2525; newly ascended to the position of Hierarch, young, rash, foolish. Think of him in 2535, still young, still rash, but maybe not so foolish. But in 2552, he seems older, slightly more mature, but still a bit of an idiot. But his voice seems more croaky, as if he has recently recovered from a terrible illness. He seems frailer, and slightly uglier.

He is also obviously weaker; what happened to the base-killer from Halo Wars? If Regret could kill bases with his super-powered chair from Halo Wars, why couldn't he kill Master Chief when he came to kill him on Delta Halo? Did he get a new Gravity Throne? Where are the Sentinel protectors? I'm thinking that a Prophet so important and well protected as a Hierarch would have some warning about the "Demon" coming to obviously kill him. Why didn't he just fly away with his full flight capabilities mentioned in the Cole Protocol and seen in halo Wars, and destroy the temple with his super laser beam, thus killing John? Something is obviously very wrong...

Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN John-117

I'll get straight to the point-- why is John still a Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy by the time of Halo 2? If I were Hood, I would have promoted him to at least Lieutenant after his actions on Installation 04, no problem. And at Halo 3, why didn't Hood promote him then in Crow's Nest? Or during The Storm, to at least Lieutenant Commander? John did more than Fred or Kurt ever did. Personally, I've never been a big fan of the Master Chief, but I mean, come on! He's the hero; he saved humanity, he killed a Hierarch (Regret), and was indirectly responsible for the death of another (Truth)!! Hundreds of Thousands of Covenant casualties aside, of course.

5 Levels of Earth?

Picture this in Halo 2: first level is a space station floating in orbit over Earth. There's some combat with elevators, in corridors, and outside in space. Second level, and third level, some combat on Earth, and some with vehicles; almost every vehicle in the game, even a Scarab. Then, we switch to the Arbiter. Fighting the Heretics on the Gas Mine is fun, as is exploring the Mine itself in your spare time. The cutscenes are very interesting, and aid to the storyline a lot. Guilty Spark is reintroduced, then a second Halo is in a plot twist similar to the first cutscene of Halo: CE. Delta Halo is beautiful, and the level is fun and exciting. The Flood, being introduced in the previous level, are thankfully not included. There's a nice mix of first-person madness and vehicles, until you get to the level Regret. Underwater temples, elevators, a flooding glass pod room thing, stealth Elites, honor guards, and a really cool boss (Regret.) yes, instead of watching a cutscene of Master Chief strangling Regret, we get to kill him ourselves. The next levels of Halo 2 are just as fun and unique, with their own special plot twists.

In Halo 3, however, the first 5 levels are all based on Earth! It is just the same thing over and over again, and it finally takes so long for the human battle group to attack the Dreadnought and activate the portal! The Ark is fun, as is the Covenant, but I wish there were more unique levels afterward before going straight to High Charity and the level Cortana. There could have been at least 3 separate levels based on the new Installation 04, but there weren't! Only one bad climax in which Guilty Spark goes berserk and kills Johnson! Then the Halo explodes, destroying the Ark and leaving hundreds of unanswered questions, not to mention Master Chief floating in space! I mean, come on!

If you read this, congratulations for withstanding my ranting. If not, well, I don't blame you. I'm sure this may be the topic of further discussion, but all I know is that this is how blogs ought to be written, not those pathetic little stubs where noobs ask how to edit a page. Kougermasters, Lord of Valinor 03:54, 23 March 2009 (UTC)