Leonardo DiCaprio ALWAYS dies in his movies. It pisses me off.

Heretic is an awesome matchmaking map. Citadel sucks. Longshore is good for Forge, and Custom Infection gametypes, as well as taking screenshots. With the right Filters, you can emulate sunset.

Longshore is an asymmetrical map, best for Capture the Flag, Assault, and Team Slayer gametypes. The two Ghosts are fun to drive around in, but idiots wielding Rocket launchers usually crash the party. Remember this when flying Ghosts around: they are not Banshees. They do not actually fly. They hover. Do not drive your Ghost into the water. You will die.

However, there are certain things that do not sink on water, but we'll get back to that later. In the meantime, there's an awesome freezer WARNING: contains Rocket launcher and an amazing Fish n Chips place that apparently sells pie. Yes, pie. Every human's joy.

On the lower docks, there are two odd little things. Little orange things. These orange things are made of rubber. They are filled with inflatable stuff. They are called dinghies. Also known as boats. Or rafts. Getting to the point, these dinghies float. On water.

You can forge yourself a little dock made of Large Doors and Boxes. Then, put some weapons emplacements and some dinghies for a quick escape. To use a dinghy, you must first push it into the water. Sounds easy, right? You're happily sitting on a small boat in the middle of a harbor. Then it sinks. Which means, you're sunk. Glug Glug Glug, ladies and gentlemen.

On A Boat

I'm On A Boat, B*tch!

When you respawn, you're wondering what went wrong. It couldn't possibly have been the uber heavy Spartan/Elite that sunk the boat, could it? No, that's ridiculous! It must have been a small leak or something. Keep thinking that, moron. This time, when you go on the boat, melee it in the direction you wish to go. That will keep it from mysteriously sinking. Or you could shoot the boat. Which makes you wonder why it doesn't shred into a million pieces then sink. (Bungie is weird like that, boys and girls.)

Have fun on your boat, and always remember to triumphantly yell, I'm The King of the World!!. After your fun Forge session, take some pictures and perhaps play on Heretic.