So... much... purple... Ooooh! Pretty blue light—

Heretic is an amazing map. It's beautiful. I could spend hours just sitting there watching the scenery, or maybe running my fingers along the smooth cold purple walls listening to the gentle hum of Pious Inquisitor's engines- if not for the endless torrent of Plasma grenades thrown by the mad hordes of very annoying enemies.

Heretic is the only Halo 3 map in which the player spawns with two Plasma Grenades instead of two Frag Grenades. In most cases, this is an exciting chance for fun. However, in the tight confines of Heretic where contestants fight for every piece of smooth metal ground, the barrage of plasma grenades is an absolute nightmare.

When a match starts, both teams naturally go for the Energy Sword in the center; shooting and throwing grenades all the way. Even after claiming the coveted sword, it is almost impossible to keep it, and even more difficult to get a Sword Spree Medal and the Blades of Fury achievement.

Players might rather go for the Shotgun, which is directly beneath the sword. No one goes to that area at first, and you have a chance to hide and camp before the battleground is torn apart by the murderous stickies. However, close range weapons are not a good choice against plasma grenades. Rather, try to find a camping spot where you can hide with a good old Battle rifle and pick off enemies below- try even raining the dangerous yet fun to use adhesive 'nades down on them.

Always remember while playing Team Slayer on Heretic; try not to stick your teammates or kill them with splash damage. Getting booted from the game is never fun.