I was trying to convince my friend to purchase Halo 3: ODST in order to play Halo 3: Mythic and get all the map packs, rather than buying the Left 4 Dead Campaign expansion that will be released sometime in the near future (or has already been released, I don't really keep track).

I tried to convince him by showing him the Halopedia articles of the Legendary Map Pack, and the Mythic Map Packs Part 1 and 2 (mostly because I want to show him all of my awesome Sandbox maps over Xbox LIVE!) I had hoped that the images on the articles would be enough to convince him, and if those were not enough, reading the article itself.

Unfortunately, when I went to link the articles and send the links on MSN, I saw that the articles for the Legendary, and Mythic Map Packs have little to no images. We all know how important images are, for weapons placements, battle scenarios, a general idea of the map itself, etc. Then I went to show him ODST campaign and multiplayer, and I saw no images but the few I added to Windward back in '09.

After further investigation, I saw that the normal Halo 3 multiplayer and campaign images had very few images... I came up with the idea to add a lot of images for visual effect and overall understanding. Reading about something isn't going to give us as good of an idea of an area as a picture will, especially a 3-d picture with Master Chief, ODSTs, Elites, Brutes, Flood, Banshees, Sentinels, and everything else in Halo that we have come to take for granted.

I am proposing that Halopedia users with Halo 3 and Xbox LIVE take some time to take some good, hi quality snapshots of Halo 3 + ODST levels and organize them on the articles accordingly. Hell, I'd do it myself, except for the fact that my Xbox 360 is completely retarded and can't read discs anymore without me turning it on and off over and over again. Please embrace this project with open arms and add some awesome images to Halopedia for not only the sake of the noobs that read our articles for information, but also for the quality of the wiki and game series that we hold dear.

Bungie gave us the ability to take screenshots and download them onto our computers for a reason. Use that feature, and take some pictures of Halo 3 -- before Halo Reach takes over... before it's too late!