After fooling around in the Halo: Reach level Forge World, I've become very familiar with the various objects, locations, settings, and tricks. I still fail every time I attempt to build a racetrack, but I'm getting better. I am currently building a map called Clifftop in the area Alaska... or is it Montana? One of those two large plateaus above the Canyon. It's Montana. It is a small, 2-8 player free-for-all map with some interesting features and effects. However, I don't have anyone to critique, test, and eventually play it with!

I usually play Matchmaking alone. It's just quicker and more efficient than gathering friends and waiting for them to join, or waiting in the queue to join them. Same with Firefight. However, both experiences, especially the latter, are so much funner with friends. Friends with microphones are even better.

Suddenly, as I was destroying with the Needle Rifle in Elite Slayer on Boardwalk, an idea came to me. Why not play with some friends from Halopedia? Then I remembered. A lot of them are in different timezones, I forgot whose gamertag is whose, and I never get a chance to play with them. With me, it's easy. My gamertag is the same as my Halopedia username. However, with some Halopedians (Halo-343 and CommanderTony), their gamertags are different than their usernames and harder to remember (not that I forgot those two individual's gamertags in particular, they're just the first examples that popped into my head).

I'm thinking of a Halo Reach Community Page on Halopedia. This is sort of like a revival of Halopedia Warz, but better. This is not only a way to bring the community closer together, but also a way to enjoy Halo: Reach, discover it's secrets, and improve the wiki all at once! The page would be somewhat like this:

Halopedia:Halo Reach Community

Welcome to the Halo: Reach Community Page. Here is a list of Halopedians, their Xbox LIVE gamertags, their Reach stats and info, and timezones (optional). If you would like to add yourself onto the list, please do so at the bottom.


There you go. A simple and clean page. Perhaps a revised Halopedia Warz supervised by more efficient leaders could also be integrated into this? Halopedia Warz was, if I remember correctly, a popular and fun activity. Maybe some sort of Community Forge could also be included?

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