I post this to express my outrage at so many halo fans who decide to post halo 3 machinimas onto youtube. Perhaps I would be more forgiving to these videos had they been of somewhat good quality. By this I mean acting that wasn't done in your living room with a small group of friends, writing that wasn't either ripped from another machinima, or just incredibly stupid, and at least a moderate know how as to what directing is. However, since none of this is in sight, I find it necessary to try and urge many young directors to not try making their own machinima, as unless you and quite a large amount of positive reviews come from this halopedia, it is most likely an idiotic idea that will just cumulate in this cespool of user-created content.

It's not that I hate user created content, it simply is that it is so often seen as a cool idea that will most likely never amount to anything. For example, everytime myself or a friend made a halo 3 map on forge, it either became a huge pile of guns and crates, or something so complex that isn't capable of being made, or is just so hard to make balance that you quit half-way through. Yet, many retards (sorry) believe the idea of themselves being the best or just that special that they believe any product of theirs will automatically be pure gold. Thus we have an insane amount of low quality machinima and forge maps that no one will ever watch, and wastes the time of those who do. This isn't to say there aren't masters of this craft, since we have people like runninggun studio, rooster-teeth, and Digital Ph33r.

I guess I do have some grudge against overwhelming freedom in games, but that could just be the fact that all my Guitar Hero: World Tour characters turn out looking like either creepy drug addicts, or fat elves. Also, I guess I recognize the hypocrisy here that I'm using a blog based on personal opinion and user- opinions to critisize my very means of communicating with you people.