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So as many of you know the talk of a Halo film has been going on since the sucess of the first Halo, which is why we have the page Halo (Film). The problem is that the page is frankly a mess. So I suggest a clean up to the page. Well honestly a complete redesign of the page that would be split into three sections. The first section would be a summarized History of Halo in Film. The second section would be a list of a list of Halo film projects that are completed(Remember Reach, Forward Unto Dawn, Legends, etc.). The third section woud be of projects in progress. The fourth section would be a list of cancelled projects. Finally the page name would be changed to "Halo in Film". So thoughts on these changes?

P.S.: I would work on this redesign for the page unless someone else feels more inclined to.

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