As some of you may or may not know recently the Korean Rating system has recently leaked some details of a new Halo game entitled Halo: Bootcamp, a third-person shooter developed by Microsoft fot the pc. All Microsoft has said about it is that they are excited about it and that it is not related to The Reclaimer saga or the Xbox One.

Now the third person shooter and PC could possibly mistranslated or PC could of been a stand in for the yet announced Xbox One. But anyways here are some theories.

  1. Halo: Bootcamp is a prequel covering the events in Halo: The Fall of Reach which comic book adaption was entitled Halo: Fall of Reach Bootcamp,. If this is true the reason why its a third person shooter could be to make it a more cinematic experience.
  2. So Third Person shooter for the PC to me that sounds like the cancelled Halo MMO, while it could be along those lines if it is exclusive to the PC that present a major distrust of the One's ability to play MMOs by Microsoft.
  3. Besides these ideas it could just be a port of one of the previous games to the PC and given a fancy new name.

These are just some of my theories so what do you guys think it maybe?