• I live in California
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is Journalist
  • I am Male
  • KnightmareS-C075

    Hi there, I'm Knight, well my real name is Cory, and I'm a Chat Mod here and a Journalism Student at my local Community College, Mt. SAC. I'm also a gamer so I write articles on games with the most recent being my review on Halo 5: Guardians. Now then to clarify by review I mean my Impressions with no numbered score at the end. If you'd like to check out my review you can find it on my school media's site here:

    I hope you read and enjoy it. If you do please remember to like and share the article!

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  • KnightmareS-C075

    Halo in Film

    July 15, 2015 by KnightmareS-C075

    So as many of you know the talk of a Halo film has been going on since the sucess of the first Halo, which is why we have the page Halo (Film). The problem is that the page is frankly a mess. So I suggest a clean up to the page. Well honestly a complete redesign of the page that would be split into three sections. The first section would be a summarized History of Halo in Film. The second section would be a list of a list of Halo film projects that are completed(Remember Reach, Forward Unto Dawn, Legends, etc.). The third section woud be of projects in progress. The fourth section would be a list of cancelled projects. Finally the page name would be changed to "Halo in Film". So thoughts on these changes?

    P.S.: I would work on this redesign…

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  • KnightmareS-C075

    Hey there Halo...uh.....Nationalists? So quick and sweet question what game types do you want to see in Halo 5: Guardians? So the confirmed gametypes for Halo 5 are:

    • Breakout
    • Slayer
    • Strongholds
    • Warzone

    Now here's my list for gametypes that I want and ones that we'll most likely have:

    • CTF
    • Assault
    • Infection
    • Grifball/Ricochet
    • Race
    • Firefight
    • Invasion

    So of course there will probably be more and we probably won't get all of these. So what gametypes do you want to see? What's your list for gametyes that you want to see?

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  • KnightmareS-C075


    May 29, 2013 by KnightmareS-C075

    As some of you may or may not know recently the Korean Rating system has recently leaked some details of a new Halo game entitled Halo: Bootcamp, a third-person shooter developed by Microsoft fot the pc. All Microsoft has said about it is that they are excited about it and that it is not related to The Reclaimer saga or the Xbox One.

    Now the third person shooter and PC could possibly mistranslated or PC could of been a stand in for the yet announced Xbox One. But anyways here are some theories.

    1. Halo: Bootcamp is a prequel covering the events in Halo: The Fall of Reach which comic book adaption was entitled Halo: Fall of Reach Bootcamp,. If this is true the reason why its a third person shooter could be to make it a more cinematic experience. …
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