250 edits milestone.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, 250 edits.

While the newer members may have no idea who I am, the veterans have no doubt seen me at least once.

There was a time, fellow Halopedians, where the community here was so small that you could count it with your fingers. There was only one girl in the whole place, and while it may not have been intentional, lord only knows that the majority of us did all we could to impress her (though my memories of such acts are more or less faded, but I'm sure bragging about our Halo 2 skillz was probably up there). There were three admins, ED, Esemono, and Dragonclaws, and RfAs for RR and GPT were on their way. The now defunct forum system was implemented, and an idea I pitched to RR (which was later pitched again by GPT to the same person) to have a "Live Halopedia Help channel" was just barely started.

I came at a time that fan-fiction was banned from Halopedia, and Halo-fanon was formed. I invented my Grunt Kwarsh at this point in time, which I'm still called by many of the Halopedia veterans today.

Halopedians mainly discussed either on the forum or through talk pages (and later, MSN, when we trusted one another enough), but when #Halopedia was launched, the whole community suddenly got a whole new way to communicate. It was here that I truly shined, making friends fast and getting to know the people I've been talking to through forum style conversation even better.

I know for a fact that at this point, there was a huge distinction between a user and an admin. They were 5 super secret users who would revert edits at a moments' notice, leaving not a single vandal (theorietically) alive. This was especially apparent during the immature spam attacks of P.E.N.I.S, a prolific vandal who decided that RR stood for "retarded rapist".

It was August 2007 now, and a whole new influx of users joined, most likely due to the Halo 3 release the next month. With these came admins having to implement new rules, which the new users did not like. Thus spawned "UAAMWC", or "Users Against Admins making wrong choices". As far as groups have gone in Halopedia (starting with Donut's Covenant of Halopedia), the UAAMWC was an anti-admin, pro user group, which wanted less admin control and more user involvement with Halopedia's rulings. Forgottenlord took up the position of the "demi-sysop", if you will. That is, he was on good terms with both sides (as was I, but to a much lesser extent, as I wasn't even an IRC op at this point). The UAAMWC disbanded, and formed #GruntCorner (which no longer retains what it once was, a place I was willing to call home, though I wasn't affiliated with UAAMWC, or any other group for that matter). Then FastLizard4 found the place and made it his own personal script testing site or something, I don't know. I do know, however, that the leadership of #GruntCorner was Justine, and most certainly NOT me, even though many people referred to me as such at the time. Eventually, the need for forgottenlord had been removed, as CommanderTony was made an admin. Tony is the most active member of Halopedia at the moment, and truly an inspiration for all of us.

In early 2008, RR granted me OP powers in #Halopedia, much to Manticore's discontent. I eventually won Manti over, and now me and him are pals. I hardly see him anymore, but he did like me enough to give me rollback (even though I probably shouldn't have it due to the guidelines of even HAVING the damn thing-- I don't meet the requirements). A whole new guideline of rules was being implemented, and I tried my best to help Blemo out with his newly enstated OP powers. The one rule I enforced particularily was the name changes one, it right pissed me off when I couldn't see who I was talking too, though over a long period of time it was changed so that someone could have their proper name in their whois. As specifically mentioned in a podcast by RR and Forgottenlord, people who're named "Alpha 342345234534536" could refer to themselves as Alpha, and because more people called me Kwarsh than KillerCRS, I could switch at will. Being able to do whatever I wanted in regards with the name changes hardly helped my arguments against certain people (you know who you are, Blake), but shit happens, and the commonwealth OPs at the time (Myself, HD and Simon-- guess which of the two are admins now) managed to convince the nay-sayers otherwise.

In the summer of '08, RR suggested that a Halopedia centric Machinima should me made. "Common Denominator", it was called. I was regretting myself volunteering, as one "H3" joined. It wasn't until we started using skype that I realised he wasn't such a bad guy. RR had always been a little...well...above the rest of Halopedia, and rightfully so. I got to know him really well, and now I'm actually struggling to call him RR instead of his real name because he always shouted at me if I called him RR on Skype or on XBL. C.D.'ll probably never get finished, because RR is off curing super ultra mega cancer or something.

In late 2008, I thought I had left Halopedia behind me. The new people didn't interest me at all, and the older veterans had started to drift away as well. Simon, who was one of my best Halopedia buds (once we started working on Gruntipedia, which is pretty much Blake's now) is an admin for god's sake, and he's on leave. Something changed, and it was probably the new layout with stupid points. Right now we're halfway through 2009, I'm in my 2nd year here, and I have 250 edits.

250 edits.

To compare, CommanderTony has 10,329 mainspace edits at the time of writing this. Roughly 41 times more edits than me, and he was only here a few months before me.

I've done nothing to help people learn more about Halo, I've just sat there and made friends.

And I wouldn't change it for the world.