I was thinking about how ONI cloned all the SPARTANS when they were children to replace them and how they died after I believe just 3-4 months and I was wondering if the UNSC did or should have tried to flash clone the SPARTANS after their augmentations would the clones have had the augmentation? or would they need to get them separately but let's say they could be cloned and would have the augmentations then you could flash clone temparary armies of SPARTANS couldn't you? they'd only last 3 or 4 month but who cares there probably gonna be sent on crazy dangerous missions anyway and this is a highly unethical thing to do but so is kidnapping children and that was even before the Covenant so in face of the Covenant I'd throw my ethics out the window and if you could not clone that SPARTANS with their augmentations intact then you could at least clone marines and ODST’s as they don't require augmentations and you could have vast armies of temparary marines that you could quickly deploy and not have to care if they die cloning could have made up for Humanity being out numbered and with all resources being devoted to the war effort perhaps cloning techniques could have improved so that the clones last longer I think this could have help Humanity significantly in the war although I did make all this up based on what I read on cloning within the Halo Universe one flaw in that plan and I’m sure there are many is that I don’t know if the clones would retain any of the training the original marine or spartan had so you might have to train them all over again which would be a problem if they only lived 3-4 months

Feel free to completely pick apart this theory it would be an interesting idea I think but maybe there is some fiction I didn't read about why this cannot be done other then ethics as apparently in the Halo Universe cloning humans is on the same level as child pornography also putting this in the actual Halo Unverse may look as if it is copying Star Wars for obvious reasons