• Justathought

    Human cloning

    December 7, 2012 by Justathought

    I was thinking about how ONI cloned all the SPARTANS when they were children to replace them and how they died after I believe just 3-4 months and I was wondering if the UNSC did or should have tried to flash clone the SPARTANS after their augmentations would the clones have had the augmentation? or would they need to get them separately but let's say they could be cloned and would have the augmentations then you could flash clone temparary armies of SPARTANS couldn't you? they'd only last 3 or 4 month but who cares there probably gonna be sent on crazy dangerous missions anyway and this is a highly unethical thing to do but so is kidnapping children and that was even before the Covenant so in face of the Covenant I'd throw my ethics out t…

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