What really happened to the Spirit of Fire? Did ever make it back to Earth? The UNSC Spirit of Fire played a crucial role in the Human-Covenant War, they stopped the death of all of humanity by destroying a forerunner fleet capable of destroying unsc ships and even worlds with ease. But will anybody ever know of this. Maybe they did make it to Earth but it hasn't said. Halo wars was a good game and I would love to see a sequel. 343;s Bonnie Ross even said they liked the idea of a second Halo Wars game. Maybe they even stummbled upon another Forerunner artifact. For all we know they may have found another Halo Ring which could make an epic game. The Spirit of Fire was a cool ship too, I would hate to never see the Spirit of Fire again. They could also impact the series in a big way. They could even influence Halo 5 for all we know. The Spirit of Fire was very important to the series. At the end of Halo Wars on legendary the AI Serina says the line 

"Captain, wake up. Something has happened." leaving a small cliffhangar ending. I have pondered about what it might mean for a while. I think the crew may have found a Halo Ring possible because they escaped from a shield world so they may have stummbled to a near by ring maybe they even found Installation 03 which is very important to Halo 4. The ring might contain other sevcets like the flood. It had the Composer on it so more artifacts may be hidden on it. I don't think the Spirit of Fire made it back to Earth because the ship or its real fate was never mentioned in any other media after Halo Wars. Please reply and say what you think happened to the ship.