I have done some thinking and Installation 03 may be important than people think. Installation 03 appeared in Halo 4 because it had the composer. Is it possible that there may be more artifacts on the ring. In the Forerunner trilogy it is stated that there was more than one composer. Is it possible that there is more than 1 composer on the ring. If there is then maybe the Didact will use it.

Is it also possible that someone might use the ring. The monitor of the Installtion has yet to be seen. Maybe the Covenant might use it. It is possible to fire the ring without triggering the other rings. This feature may used by this ring. I have also thought of a theory. The Flood could escape from the ring again, and then Master Chief could seek the help of 032 Mendicant Bias  who could be on the ring. This is what would be seen in the Halo Xbox One trailer. 

If you believe that the Ring is important then leave a comment below.