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December 30, 2013
  • Johnthespartanofhalo177

    Who is your favorite person to play as in the Halo series? I was thinking about the new character of Agent Locke coming and it made me think about the past playable protagonists?

    Master Chief


    Jameson Locke

    Noble Six

    The Rookie (Squad included)

    Sarah Palmer

    Edward Davis

    John Forge

    Captian Cutter

    Professor Anders

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  • Johnthespartanofhalo177

    If you read the newest Halo Escalation Comic and read my blog post a while back you would know my theory is partially right. (The Didact part not the Cortana part) See for yourself 

    I can't believe I was right. I hope they do something about cortana though.

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  • Johnthespartanofhalo177

    I have done some thinking and Installation 03 may be important than people think. Installation 03 appeared in Halo 4 because it had the composer. Is it possible that there may be more artifacts on the ring. In the Forerunner trilogy it is stated that there was more than one composer. Is it possible that there is more than 1 composer on the ring. If there is then maybe the Didact will use it.

    Is it also possible that someone might use the ring. The monitor of the Installtion has yet to be seen. Maybe the Covenant might use it. It is possible to fire the ring without triggering the other rings. This feature may used by this ring. I have also thought of a theory. The Flood could escape from the ring again, and then Master Chief could seek the …

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  • Johnthespartanofhalo177

           During the events of Halo 4's Spartan Ops, many things happened that changed the plot of the game.

    One of these things is the Janus Key. It was given to Doctor Halsey who was ordered to be assasinated by ONI. The Janus Key as said by the Librarian, shows the real time location of every piece of Forerunner technology in the galaxy. The key was ment to propell humanity to a technological tier 0f 1. On Halo Waypoint it stated the future of the Halo universe depends on the key. This means the key is the main Forerunner artifact that will be focused around the series for now. Dr.Halsey betrayed the UNSC in Halo 4: Spartan Ops and, Thomas Lasky, the Captian of Infinity was ordered to assasinate the rouge fugitive. Thomas Lasky did not want…

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  • Johnthespartanofhalo177

    I think that the Ur-Didact did not die. There is proof of this as well. He was alive when the grenade was detonated in his chest. Then he fell into a slipspace rupture, which wouldn't kill him. It would just teleport him somewhere else in the galaxy. As for Cortana the chances of her surviving are slim. Although a very dark theory I have that could be why Halo 5 is exspose to be so dark. I think the Didact retrieved part of Cortana when he came into contact with her. I think the Didact, along with Cortana was teleported to a Forerunner Installation such as one of the Halo rings. I think Didact modified and fixed Cortana and forced her to serve him not humanity, not even her close friend. Then she would betray her former masters, humanity, …

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