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Who Would You Like to See in Halo 5?

I know there's been a lot of talk about who will appear in halo 5, mostly revolving around Cortana, Dr. Halsey, and the Didact, but who else would you like to see in Halo 5?

I would really like to see some of the guys from the books in the next Halo. Remember Cpl. Harland from "The Fall of Reach?" He said he wanted to be a Spartan after Blue Team rescued him on Sigma Octaus, maybe whe could reappear as a Spartan-IV. Or what about Fred, Kelly, and Team Katana? 

Also Red vs Blue refrences could be cool. Maybe have a scientist on the Infinity be named L. Church or have a Pelican flown by Four-Seven-Niner. 

Really, the Halo 'verse is so big that the possibilities are almost endless, so what do YOU think?

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