Whats up babes and banes of Halo nation? This blog will present ideas for future halo games. 

Right now, we have 8 covenant races to fight against. Every single one of these races are dangerous, no doubt, but fighting the same enemies in 4 different games can be a pain. Halo 4 introduced the Promethans, but that doesn't seem to be enough for some of the halo veterans.

That being said, I'll try to come up with new covenant equipment, ranks, and even new covenant species. I'll post more ideas (perhaps for human equipment and for flood forms) if things in my brain click. 

Here are some blogs and threads which capitalize on specific ideas for the game. ← (This thread by Americanzero calls for more grunt ranks.)

Here's the update log:


1. November 17, 2013

Added a new section (covenant ranks) with the brute flag bearer idea.

Added an idea for the grunt heavy (unggoy) in the newly opened section: covenant armor. I might as well post my grunt ideas here. 

3. November 19, 2013

Added 3 ideas for covenant ranks: the prophet politician (prophet), hero, (elite) and engager. (hunter)

4. December 6, 2013

Added a main section titled 'ideas for the covenant'.

Removed 'ideas for covenant amor' and moved the 'mortar cannon' and the 'grunt heavy' ideas up to the newly created section titled: 'Ideas for the current covenant ranks'

Added a main section titled: 'ideas for the forerunners' with the sub-section titled: 'Prometheans' with a sub-section titled: 'promethean troops'

5. December 12, 2013

Added a new section titled 'ability ideas for the elite, grunt, and jackal ranks' with 13 ideas. This section is under 'ideas for covenent abilities', which in turn, is under 'Ideas for the covenant'.

Without further ado, here's the list of ldeas. Enjoy!

Ideas for the covenant

Ideas for the current covenant ranks

grunt (unggoy)

grunt heavy

Grunt Heavy

This photo is from:

mortar cannon- This weapon will be stationed on a grunt heavy's back and may be fired via a button on the grunt heavy's arm. Grunts with mortar cannons installed in their backs will have aimming assist systems installed in their helmets. This assist system prevents the grunt from unleashing it's explosive payloads on it's alies or at nearby environment objects.

The unggoy heavy's armor will be modified to enhance it's fighting capabilities. Explanation below:

The methane tank on the unggoy heavy's back will be shielded with a round shaped metal made from an unknown alloy. This shield will protect both the unggoy heavy's back and it's new thruster pack from enemy fire.

The thruster pack may serve the grunt heavy well, allowing it to ambush opponenets from above, raining fuel rods down on them. It may also allow the grunt heavy to attack UNSC pelians in space.

Ideas for new covenant ranks

  • Brute flag bearer 

The brute flag bearer will be a brute carrying a large stick with the heads of enemies stuck in them, like Barbecue sticks. (The heads could be human or elite heads.) This is meant to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy.

weapons: stick, plasma grenades

combat style: This brute will occasionally throw plasma grenades at the player, but overall, he'll just be running among his comrades, rallying them. He can melee with his stick if the player gets too close.

combat abilities: When the brute flag bearer is on the field, the player will find that grunts won't retreat, even when a high ranking brute is killed. Allies will also react, yelling out things that the player wouldn't hear if there's no brute flag bearer around.

  • prophet politician

-Will be the alien equivalent of a human politician. (Guess what it does. xD)

  • elite hero

-A new type of covenant zealot. This rank is awarded for finding enough forerunner relics. This is an advanced kind of zealot who is allowed to wear forerunner armor and wield forerunner shields.

weapons: The hero can be seen using any covenant or forerunner weapon, with an energy blade as the secondary weapon.

combat style: This elite rarely fights in open combat and doesn't command troops. When the player encounters it, it growls and dashes away, hoping to ambush the player later on. It is unknown why this elite doesn't bother to engage and kill the player as soon as it encounters him/her.

combat abilities: The hero can "super jump" to high places, implying that it's agility matches that of a jackal.

  • engager (hunter)

​weapons: 2 rapid fire cannons. This hunter does not wield a shield, but it has a large, elaborate shield on it's back. This shield has forerunner markings engraved in it.

combat style: This covenant warriors tends to charge toward the player while firing it's cannons.

combat abilities: Because this hunter can no shield on it's front, it uses it's cannons to block possible attacks.

Ideas for covenant abilities

  • Brutes may now dig into the ground to evade grenades and vehicles.
  • Grunts may now climb trees and rocks to gain vantage points in combat.
  • When a berserking brute dies, it drops a live plasma grenade.
  • Grunt ultras may prepare a grenade in each of their hands to throw in short sucession. 
  • If the player takes cover behind a rock or a wall, grunts will climb onto each other, forming a living tower. The grunt at the top of this tower will than have a shot at the player.
  • When brutes go berserk, they throw their weapons at the player instead of just dropping them. The damage the player is dealt from the thrown weapon depends on its weight. (A thrown fuel rod cannon will do more damage to the player than a thrown storm rifle.)
  • Berserking brutes may pick up living grunts and jackals to throw at the player.
  • The hunter's cannon now has 3 different modes which the hunter can switch around in accordance with the battle at hand. Two of these modes already exist, and each of these modes were exclusive to particular Halo games. In the next Halo game however, hunters can be more versatile tanks. Rapid-fire cannon- Fires superheated plasma bolts designed to take down infantry with ease. anti-air cannon- Fires a continuous beam of plasma energy designed to take down aircraft.heavy cannon- Releases a large bolt of plasma that explodes on impact.  Remember the hunter's heavy cannon in Halo 1? Remember it's continuous beam of fire in Halo 2 and 3? Well, both of these options should be in the next Halo, yes? Support the growth of the Mgalekgolo! 

ability ideas for the elite, grunt, and jackal ranks of Halo 4


zealot- The zealot will have an overshield at higher diffculties.

warrior- The warrior will have small, deformed shields on it's arms and back to commplent it's overall layoring of shields. (These deformed shields will have their own shields, making it harder for the player to kill warriors with body shots.)

commander- The commander will be wearing a full protective helmet which protects it from headshots. Should this helmet be indestriable or should the player be allowed to shoot it off? I'm leaning toward Indesirable, you folks?

ranger- The ranger will have an option which allows it to super jump into the air from the ground via it's thruster pack.

minor- The minor will be able to jump to get a better shot at the player when he/she takes cover.


heavy- The heavy's wrist shield is double layered. example- It takes 2 overcharged plasma pistols to drain this shield. 

sniper- The sniper is equipped with a shield on it's back to help defend against any possible ambushes from behind.

ranger- The ranger may perform tricks such as backflips and twists to get to cover and evade the chief. 

major- The major may instantly recharge it's shield using a power cell located on its arm. The power cell may only be used once until it is recharged.

minor- The minor may push the chief back with it's shield, doing a tiny amount of damage.


imperial- The imperial may order all of the lesser grunts near it to throw plasma grenades. This ability is seen more often at the higher diffucltices. example- The master chief fights an imperial leading a lance of 3 grunt minors. If the imperial orders it's comrades to throw grenades, all 3 grunts will throw plasma grenades at once. 

minor- The minor uses it's arms more often, increasing it's movement speed. 

example- This would be how the grunt sprints. 



The hunter is more fierce in combat, knocking away grunts and jackals when it charges at players.The hunter may now superjump. (It jumps up high in the air and attempts to land on the player. This usually happens when the hunter is in a spot above the player, such as a cliff.)

Ideas for Halo features Brutes can be seen eating human corpses in the campagin. (Make Halo deserve it's M rating!) 

 Ideas for covenant equipment


  • Covenant heavyship (covenant heavy deployment platform)

A larger, upgraded version of the phantom, which multiple side bay doors layered on tops of each other.  


  • spiked heavy cannon (Jiralhanae/brutes)

This heavy cannon may be carried by seasoned brutes and is commonly deployed near landing pads. It has a slow rate of fire, but is powerful enough to destroy some vehicles, such as ghosts, in just 2 hits.

This cannon is held inside a ball-shaped body that seems to be made of mud. Due to the brute's savage nature, this body has large cracks running through it.

When the brutes deploy this cannon, they take it from their backs and slam it into the ground, breaking the body shielding it. They then dig swiftly into the ground, forming a small trench for them to fire the turret from.

Ideas for the forerunners


Promethean troops

Skylancer - This variation of the Promethean knight is able to transform itself into a sort of fighter jet which may travel at high speeds in any environment, including space. These skylancer are used as Promethean air forces, yet they may take the fight to the ground as well.

castlewagon- This variation of the promethean knight has extra micro-arms which carry 4 large rectangular shields on it's back. These shields guard this knight from damage, and when they are needed, it stops attacking and lifts it's microarms, exposing itself for a couple seconds, then swiftly brings 2 shields close to it's front, protecting itself from headshots. At this time, the player must resort to body shots to kill the castle wagon.

This knight will not teleport or throw pulse grenades when it's shields are up.

The castlewagon may still attack with it's weapons while it's shields are up.

2 of the shields will always remain on the castlewagon's back.

On lower difficulties, the castlewagon will move much slower when it's front shields are up. On higher difficulties, it's movement speed stays the same.


That's it. I'll update this whenever I get brainwaves. Thanks for taking the time to read this!