Hey all,

We're looking for some great Halo players who would be willing to help answer questions that noobs others may have about the games. A great resource has been set up to hold all Xbox-related questions, but this call-out is specifically about Halo. The Wiki is set up in the same manner as Wikianswers; users can ask questions and have experienced gamers answer them. This project is just getting taken off the ground so we're looking for somebody to take-over specifically the Halo category.

All you need to do is help answer any questions that pop up in that category. Or, if you have questions yourself, or even better, if you have questions that you can answer yourself, please participate. We need some people with questions about the game, we need really rockin' gamers, and we need some people ready to look after the wiki with admin tools. If any one of these fit you then I personally invite you to join us!

How to get started
  • Are you a veteran Halo player?
Answer some questions noobs have asked!

  • Are you a grammar-fixer-upper?
Make some of the answers actually readable.

  • Do you have a question about the game?
Use the box below to ask!