Public Law 66-445

If you are a site Administrator view this section on vandalism.

━For website administrators on the increasing vandalism problem. This law is to teach users on your wiki about how to handle vandalism if they see it. If vandalism is a major problem on your site it is suggested that you activate Special: Protectsite this will alter site-wide settings in cases of extreme vandalism. Since vandalism is becoming more and more common on websites it is possible that you would have to do this once or more. Preferably when you are blocking a user that has vandalized five times or more it is recommended that you permanently ban them from the site.

If you are a site user view this section on vandalism.

━Users that have been vandalized or have seen a page on the wiki be vandalized are to put a vandalism warning template on the user's talk page. There are 5 levels of vandalism warnings the first time is a warning telling you not to do it again the fifth time is when you get blocked from the wiki for a certain amount of time or you could be permanently blocked from the wiki. Users are not to provoke the vandal in any way or form. The user should immediately inform the wiki administrators. Administrators should administer a username/IP ban immediately without remonstration with the vandal. If by chance you start to be personally attacked by another user tell them to politely stop. If the attacks continue consider contacting the administration or the wiki staff about the incident and under any circumstances attack them back this will result in the punishment of both users.

Joseph Hoezee

Spartan S-062 (talk) 23:14, July 14, 2012 (UTC)