(M739 Light Machine Gun)

The M739 Light Machine Gun is a weapon utilized by the United Nations Space Command. It entered service sometime after the end of the human-covenant war. The M739 is also known as the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). It is used in protracted engagements where sustained or suppressive fire is required. The SAW’s firing rate is faster than some mounted/vehicle machine guns, this can be useful when engaging an enemy vehicle. The SAW can be utilized by an entire squad or team for tactical operations such as infiltrating an enemy base or occupied building where range of engagement is limited. The SAW could be a future model of the Thompson machine gun given their similar appearance and firing speeds. The SAW can also pierce light armor although it is unknown what caliber round the M739 Light Machine Gun fires. The SAW is able to neutralize targets with fast and sustained firepower but at the cost of accuracy.

Sense the SAW has a lack of accuracy try shooting in short controlled bursts to obtain more accuracy. But when engaging an enemy in close quarter combat you should keep a steady rate of bullets at your target. Although in some cases when the enemy has a more powerful weapon such as a rocket launcher maximum stopping power is required and the SAW should not be used to engage the enemy. It is possible that the SAW could be featured in Infinity slayer so the player could request it as an ordinance drop. It is also possible that the SAW could have a custom weapons skin that the player could purchase in the armory. As said by 343 industries each weapon in multiplayer is balanced out so that there won’t be a weapon that would dominate everything else this is to make multiplayer more far. So this weapon isn’t a giant killer that would dominate everything else in multiplayer. But it is better than some weapons at close range. The SAW is quick at taking out enemy shields. The SAW is an elegant weapon on the battlefield its ability to suppress enemies and be able to quickly neutralize targets in close quarters makes this weapon a critical asset in the fight against the Covenant.