How to measure the length of Forge World tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to measure the length of Forge World. Forge World is the largest multiplayer map in Halo: Reach and is also the largest multiplayer map compared to all the previous Halo maps. This tutorial will teach you how to measure the length of this map. Remember this method can be applied to other maps as well.

First, start a game and have the motion tracker set to 150 meters max. you don't have to set you motion tracker to 150 meters I just did that so I won't have to draw as many lines.)

Second, print out a map of Forge World and convert 150 meters into feet.

Third, figure out where the other player is on the map and draw a line from your position to the position of your partner. (the distance should be than converted into feet)

Fourth, once the line is drawn add each line together until you get from one side of the map to the other side of the map. (make sure each line is labeled and add the distances of each line that is 150 meters each)

This could be done a second way to with out having to convert 150 meters into feet first. First, add each line together and each line will equal 150 meters. 150+150 (ect).

Second, after you add all the meters together, convert it into feet.

This could also be done a third way also with out having to convert meters into feet.

First, do what the directions say at the top but don't convert meters into feet.

Additional help

Use a ruler when drawing the line.

Use a calculator when doing this.

After you complete the measuring be sure to put your results on Halo Nation. (see article Forge World)

1 meter = 3 feet

5 meters = 16 feet

10 meters = 32 feet

25 meters = 82 feet

45 meters = 147 feet

50 meters = 164 feet

75 meters = 246 feet

150 meters = 492 feet

200 meters = 656 feet

250 meters = 820 feet

300 meters = 984 feet

350 meters = 1,148 feet

400 meters = 1,312 feet

450 meters = 1,476 feet

500 meters = 1,640 feet

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